Melaka trip with classmates!

Since College has ended
I started up by going on a holiday with my 5 batangs
Jay, Mervyn, Joshua, Charlie & Chung

We headed for a 3 day 2 nights trip to Melaka
and we stayed over at Charlie's house

So on the

1st Day
we started our trip by leaving Subang about 2pm
and headed onto the highways to Melaka

and cos Chung drank a few bottles of redbull
he was totally high in the car =.=
so as the whole car was crammed up with 6 of us
we didn't really have much space
that led to:
Joshua Sleeping on the floor
( yeah he is that short =X ) LOL

We reached Charlie's house
and my we got a shock of our lives
as his house is on Heeron Street
(just at the back of Jonker street)
Charlie's house

and now for the tour around the house:

Group pic in one of the living rooms

as we were roaming the house as he had to take some stuff
his father came out in a towel after a shower
with a GIGANTIC gold necklace on his neck

my gosh we got another shock with the father
thought like sum mega samseng LOL

anyways so now we have Charlie's description of his father

Charlie's father mixes shoes and goes out like that
cool leh! LOL

so anyways we headed out for our "late" lunch
and Charlie brought us to:
one of the most delicious pork & intestine satay in town!
Sun May Hiong Satay House
Pork Satay!

so after our satay we headed for some Cendol
and it was none other than the one near the Stadhuys buildings
as the Cendol Stall he wanted to bring us to closed down
The Stadhuys buildings
Our Grandfathers own the road!
LOL illegal parkers
Cendol stall

so after our cendol
we went to our residences
which is
on Heeron street too!

now you know how awesome it is to have Charlie there
The front of the house

and Joshua was screaming out:
"Mari mari! ini cheap cheap punya...RM20 sejam..
ada Chindian punya...
ada flexible punya.. ada tinggi punya..ada berbulu punya"

HAHA OMG was damn embarassing when the tourist passed by LOL

so anyways tour inside the 2nd house
It has a well too!!
3 Rooms about this size

so after we rested a while
we had dinner (i forgot which shop)
its near Capitol Satay Celup

and we had really good:
Curry Wan Tan Mee!

it was really good
and after that we headed to jonker street
to buy junk such as Toy guns =.= WTF LOL

and this is what happened in the house that night:

OMG this brings back memories LOL
so that concludes Day 1

Day 2

We Woke up about 12pm
and we had a letter from GOD!

Just coz chung didn't put a parking ticket
but well this didn't spoil our day as
we didn't pay for it also! HAHAA

so for our lunch
we headed for authentic Nyonya food
and we headed to:
Restoran S Hin
Roti Bakar
Mee Goreng!

this is really spicy mee goreng
and we have to add a little VINEGAR to it
and it taste superb!

so as the day passed by
night came
and we headed for one thing Melaka is famous for


we didn't get to go to Capitol Satay Celup
(which is the best for its sauce)

so we headed over to the 2nd best which is:
Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
a variety of sticks!
Celup babeh!!
Total Damage: 170 sticks LOL

so after the dinner
we headed for a night out
In the Car

and we headed for Arena
which has everything there such as the
Bar, Restaurant, Pool, Snooker & KTV centre

and the scenary was nice
as it was by the seaside
and we could see a clear view of:
Eye on Malaysia

we had a few games of pool
and we had desserts at Arena itself
Forgot what dessert is this but it was good =)

so for one of the last stops that night
we headed back to Jonker Street
and we had beers at the local cafe
There were about 5 bars on this street itself
Carlsberg babehh

and to end the night
we had asam laksa with cendol & ABC at the roadside
Asam Laksa shop

okay if you are wondering

Our backsides didn't Explode eventhough
we had a constant supply
of spicyness and alcohol


Day 3

we woke up late as usual due to the late night
so we headed straight for lunch
and this is one thing you wouldn't want to miss during any trip to Melaka
which is



we headed to Jonker street again
as this is where the best chicken rice balls shop is
Hoe Kee Nasi Ayam
The Que

yeah it was freaking long
with about 15 ppl waiting for tables

but no fear!!

as he knows the owner of the shop
So we were able to jump que from 16>1
*still remembering the diu lan faces of the rest of the people*

anyways it didn't stop there!

With Charlie over there
Once we were seated
Chicken Rice Balls were served in a minute
even before the drinks were ordered!

*recalling the other diu lan faces of the ppl seated waiting for their drinks/food*

Chicken Rice Balls

and the best part is:
We had a discount too!
for chicken rice of 9 pax
with 5 coconuts and 2 cokes!

how awesome is that? LOL

so as this was our last day in Melaka
Charlie brought us to one of the most famous places
selling all da biscuits and stuff
Local kuihs and tarts over here

and after all our shopping was done
we got ready to head back to KL
Our last group pic with charlie

and as we were leaving malacca
i personally find this gym funny as
the owner of the gym puts up his own STATUE in front of the gym

and of course
OMG its small!!! LOL WTF

that concludes the trip to Melaka!

Thx Charlie for everything!



Nikel Khor said…
wawa...melacca trip sure enjoy n eat alot food
Victoria said…
LOLwtf!! The videos! hahahahahaha!!
"woah my father wear big gold chain, go rompak him okay? he wear slipper one horizontal one diferent color..."

Bie, u simply taram the what hundred years old blablabla is it?! All also hundred years old one!! LOL xDD

Joshua soooo kiiiiuuut wtf!! xD
Samuel C said…
Nikel: hehe yeah man...continuous eating and eating...making me fat lol

Vic: yeah man =S its like...scarryyy

and erm memang is 100 years old + cos its all his grandfathers and great grandfather's liquor =)
Victoria said…
LOL i ez not man. LOL i saw u all like level-ed down the camera then i saw big tummy! so prosperous! LOL
Charmaine Pua said…
I just went Melaka 2 weeks ago lol... and yea the shop that sells tarts is very famous esp the pineapple tarts yummy!
Ying Zi said…
Dammit,I went the next day after the clubbing thing.
I wanted to take a picture of it to show the heritage in Malacca,but it's hidden somewhere in my luggage. Heng ah,if not tio kan by you or your friend.
LLY said…
chicken rice ball? looks interesting..
Charles said…
U guys r getting a discount in the chicken rice ball place just b'coz of Charlie? Well...charlie is my name as well though...

by the way, where is that restaurant S hin ? the baba nyonya one
Samuel C said…
Vic: yes veri prosperous hahaaaa big tummy is coming home soon XD

Charmaine: yes i have to agree with that too =D teeheee

Ying Zi: hahaa yalor XD next time la kay? when u come down again lol XD

LLY: yeap it is =) only in malacca :)

Charles: haha its because he is famous around town =) erm S hin restaurant is somewhere near taming sari...can't remember the address