Eunice & Celine's birthday!

How amazing is it
to have 2 classmates
that have their birthdays on the same day?

Totally! HAHAA

so Celine & Eunice were born on the 28th of November
and were very far from each other
As Celine was born at Canada & Eunice at Malaysia

lol thats such a random fact XD

so we had a few celebrations for both of em

for starters:
Steven, Chung, Andrew, Chia and I
created a surprise b'day dinner
at TGI Fridays Sunway Pyramid

as usual she is as blur and shocked

so as for the pictures:
Eunice doing the Fridays Tradition
Standing on the Chair and doing a speech
Cutting the cake
Cuttttt XD
Last Group Picture of the Night
Me, Chia, Chung, Steven, Eunice, Andrew

well so heading to the night after that night
(wow thats confusing haha)

We celebrated both their birthdays at Tony Romas
where we had another awesome meal
with a bigger crowd
Celine the other Birthday girl
Eunice & Celine
Blow Baby Blow!
OMG WTF sounds so wrong! lol
Taking out the candles with their mouths
Steven Challenging me to eat a whole mash potato in 1 mouthful

*i have a big mouth WTF*

so after the celebration at Tony Romas
we headed off to Laundry
as Library & Sanctuary were full

and of course we were able to get the VIP area in Laundry =)
Me with Victoria <3
Me, Vic, Joshua, Esther
The peeps
The other peeps
Mervyn & Eunice in a series of pictures
The 1st ones to KO WITHOUT alcohol =.=
Black Labels with coke
drinks babeh!
Mervyn posing with an empty bottle
Celine & Eunice with the 2nd b'day cake that night
on the dance floor
Esther & Jay
*obscenity YEAH!*
Me and Victoria
*dont ask why i look so evil as i dont know why LOL*
Crotch Rubbing!
Geralyn & Chung kissing after some dares

and our last resort is:
Coke =.=

so it was 2 awesome nights
and i would sign off with this picture:
Love u guys! =)



Victoria said…
CROTCH RUBBINGG!!!! LOLOL AND esther seemed to enjoy it more than josh! hahahahahaha
Unknown said…
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C.Kiddo said…
omg!!! Tht picture!!! Siao dy Siao dy!!! I am so DEATH!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's in facebook and now in ur blog!!!!!!!!!!!
hi said…
God bless your liver :) heh heh
Samuel C said…
Vic: LOL yeah she seemed to haha

Kiddo: LOL u wont die that fast lol

Stephen: yea man =D haha i seldom drink wan la lol
HitoMi Ng said…
whoa, SCANDALOUS as always...haha, Good night out anyway
happy belated birthday wishes to two of them ^^
Samuel C said…
Hitomi: HAHAHAA they're scandalous =) i'm official LOL...