Dimensions by Astro & Maxis

Courtesy Of Shaz

i was able to go for the premiere at Dimensions
At The Palace, Sheraton Imperial KL

Dimensions is something like the Malaysian Version of X-Files
and it was produced by the collaboration of
Astro & Maxis

It is a new series that can be downloaded into your phones
with weekly updates =)

so as for the event
here are the pics on how it was like:
My ticket
Dimensions backdrop
The Palace
The Screen
The Counter

The Event started off with the speeches by the directors
and also introducing the actors on the stage

one of the directors of Astro
one of the directors of maxis
The Directors & Actors

There was the
preview of the 1st episode of Dimensions
and well i would say theres nothing fancy about it sadly

continuing the event:
Its Makan Time!
The Counter
Green Salmon? EWWWW

nehs its just the lights

The food was simply awesome
it was fresh and also the standard and quality was there
and also there was free flow of martinis

So as the event continued
There were 2 lucky draws for 2 Iphones
and one of the winners is none other than my best friend
Congrats bro =)

as the event came to an end
it was just photo taking with the peeps =)
Zues (head chopped) Me, Xiang, Kristine, Flora
Alex, Coco, Me
Group pic
*credits to howard*
another group pic
*credits to howard*

so after the event
some of us just went to have fun at bamboo 9
located at ampang park for a game of pool
*credits to bryan*

Sam and Howard Owned the pool session! wootz lol
high 5 bro!