Cocktail Class

Well I've been having F&B classes for the last 10 weeks
and one interesting thing about this term is

We get to get deeper in our alcohol knowledge


so one of the most interesting classes is our cocktail cl
as we were able to mingle with Alcohols
and able to create cocktails of our own

so lets start up with the pics:
Mervyn's ****
LOL wtf=.=
Jay & I
Jay & Josh
guess who's ear is this LOL
Studying OMGz
Me & Ying
finally! a pic of me and her lol
she is so shy when theres a camera

so as for our cocktails
every one of us were able to create cocktails
of our own

and also we did the standard cocktail recipes
Yen Wei doing her thing

Lets start up with the classic cocktails:
B52 Shooter
Singapore Sling
A random layering mixture
Eunice's Creation
Evon's Creation
Chia Chia's Creation using the layering method
Andrew's creation
Chung's Creation named
"Dancing Princess Violet"
Ingredients: Dry Gin, Light Rum, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Ribenna & Sprite
*shake and serve*
Ee Hva's Creation
My creation named:
Mango's Crime
Ingredients: Light Tequila, Vodka, Mint Leaves,
Bols Mint liquere, Mango Juice, Sprite
Celine's Creation

so as after our cocktail class
we headed to our serving class
where we served:
England Clam Chowder
Beef Wellington

and banana flambe
sry no pics of the flame cos sister wasn't fast enough to take it lol

so after the service
we took a few group photos
My Family with Uncle Michael
Our last serving class babeh!

hrmm last but not least:
Forbidden Love