Bedtime stories

Well if you're wondering what event is this

This is an Food Promotion set up by DH30 Group 4,5 & 6
which costed RM70
for a 5 course meal..
3 mocktails
1 cocktail
and a lot of prizes to be won =)

so after 6 weeks of planning
our event took place on the 7th of November
and was held at L'escoffier & Lemon Grass
at Taylors College Petaling Jaya

The Theme was Bedtime Stories
where you can either come in your paj
your worst nightmare or your sweetest dream!

so we had a total mix match that night
and it somehow looked like halloween hahaaa

so for the pictures:
The Setup
The Registration
The photo taking booth
The Pre dinner service
with pastries, krepes & a cocktail for each person
Rebecca, Melvin, Samantha, Celine, Me
My Beloved Ejinn

The following pics are from the top left clockwise
Rebecca, Me, Eunice
Esther, Me, Elaine
my manager Wei Ling

Wei Ling
Wei Ling & Jia Mou
so the event started off with our drama
but somehow the sound system sucked real bad
and we were having technical difficulties

but what can we do?
The show must go on!
so yeah it became better and better as the
drama proceeded throughout the night
Angel's Air Chair! =.= wthhh

So whats a food promotion without the food?

Here are the

Pics of the food & drinks served:

The Cocktail, Mocktails & hot chocolate
Headless Breadman

well we can't really c the shape from this angle
(salad with bread & shrimps)
Jack-O-Lanterns Soup
(pumpkin soup)
Freddy cougars bloody hand
(lamb rack)
A whole new world

Food pictures credited to Ejinn

and also that night:

we had our very own Joshua
that sang an acoustic version of "Hands Down"

so continuing with this post

the guest that came for the event were able to win prizes
as there was a series of games
and lucky draws

and when i say the prizes are awesome

There were Cash Vouchers for F&B outlets
pricing from RM50-RM200
such as from:

and also there were limited edition
Martell Glasses for the winners

as the event came to an end
The Final award giving ceremony
was to the Best Dressed Guy & Girl
and both were able to get a RM200 cash voucher each
The Nominees
The best dressed "Girl" and the best dressed girl

so as the event came to an end
we had our last speech given by
our very own lecturer
Ms Jasmine

and we just had fun taking photos and
cleaning up after the event was over
Retarted Angels
Group pic
I'm spider Angel! =.= wthh
Group 4-6

after all the cleaning up
theres nothing better than a:
Chillout session at the mamak =)

so as for the event
it was a good experience for me
eventhough there were thing that could be improved
we always had to start somewhere
so heres the start
and yeah i'm ready for our next food promotion!


Ken Wooi said…
seems fun! haha..
very happening, especially the guy dressing up like a girl.. haha.. =P
Victoria said…
spider pig spider pig~ hahahahahahaha
angel air chair!!? hahaha wth~ ey angel upskirt! hahahahahahaha
woo~ i see "heaven" LOL xDD
atreyu strange said…
Ahaa. I was attracted to open this link because the theme is 'Bedtime Stories' which coincides with my blog name! Lol!
kumfye said…
dropped by from innit...nice blog you have...feel free to click me back
Jimmy said…
lolx.....what jia mou?
is mao lar!! XDXD
Samuel C said…
kenwooi: yeah he won the best dressed lol

vic: hahaaa omgg hamsapp!

ateryu: ooooh hehe...yeah its just a theme

kumfye: sure thing

Jimmy: lol serious ah? LOL SORRY BOSS