Ninja Flash Mob @ Sunway Pyramid

As all hard core Rain fans know
there is a movie coming up
Ninja Assassin

which is of course featuring...

so some of us bloggers headed down to pyramid
on the 14th of Nov
as there was a flash ninja mob there

the day started off with me studying my ass off(yeah rite)
at Honeymoon Desserts and Krispy Kreme at Pyramid
with Eunice, Sook Hui & Mervyn

as they soon left after our group discussions

Zoe Joined me!
and we had more donuts at Krispy Kreme
Her "Ninja Shirt"
Krispy Kreme!!

so we headed out to meet up with the rest
at the orange circle entrnce
where of course
we met Yee Hou taking care of the Nuffnang booth
and we were entitled for Goodie Bags!
My goodie bag
The Crowd
Ninja's starting off the mob
Ninja Love BABEH!!
Ninja's posing
Ninja's start to dance
so after the mob was over
we just chilled a while with Yee Hou
as he seemed so lonely.. (HAHAHAA)
till his gf came along =)
Yee Hou's pose in his words are
"lick an aliens v*gina"
as normal girls have two legs and aliens have three!

if u dont get it nvm =) hahaa
*inside joke*
Last Group pic of the day =)

Lets ninja away to the premiere!!!



Bboy Rice said…
i LOLed at the video... lolx~
JoyC said…
Booth dude has a scary looking tongue. O__o Nyeh, can't watch the video. PC lagging... DX
Samuel C said…
Bboy Rice: lol why? too unprofessional for you? lol JKJK XD

Joyce: haha thats yee hou =) one of the nuffnang employees haha...well its ony a flashmob dance ony =)
Simon Seow said…
I uploaded the flash mob video to Youtube, and just 2 days the view hits more than 2k. Gila siao! Click here for the video.
Samuel C said…
simon: awesome stuff =) hehe