My Top 5 Treat list!

Everyone has a list of treats

That they would like to indulge into

So as for me

i've got plenty of wanted treats in my life

and this are the 5 most wanted treats in my life

Well theres a saying:

As boys get does their toys!

And the 1st most wanted treat is:

A Korg Extreme Triton!!

Everyone knows my life is deeply embedded in music

And this is one of my dream keyboards

That I’ve wanted all this time

When it 1st came out in 2005

I’ve fell in love deeply with its features and

its ability to make awesome tones and sounds

eventhough there are newer models of Korg Keyboards..

this is still the dream keyboard I would love to have

2nd most wanted treat:

A new car of course!

and my dream cars either the

Nissan GTR
Ford GT Mustang

Both are different in so many ways

Such as…

the Nissan GTR is made in Japan

while the Ford GT Mustang is from the USA

One is a muscle car with a horsepower of 5 litres

And the other is such a sexy car with a horsepower of 3.8 litres

Its different in so many ways

But both are the two dream treats I would want

3rd top treat is:

A 60-90day full expense trip to Europe

I’ve always been in love with the scenaries and cultures of European countries

And of course I would love to get a full expense trip all over europe

Such as

Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam
Rome, Venice, Switzerland & Vienna

To indulge in all the cultures of Europe I would expect a 60-90 day trip

So that I wouldn’t miss out on anything

4th top treat is:

A DSLR Camera

I’ve been living with a compact camera all my life

Started from Film based cameras – Digital Cameras

I’ve always wanted a DSLR as then I could take more awesome photos

But always it exceeded the budget so I couldn’t afford one

If I were to get a DSLR camera

Its none other than

a Canon 50D

packed in with

15.1 megapixels, Iso 12800, 17-85mm lens

And is able to capture 6.3 frames per second

Its more than enough for me!

Last but not least

My 5th top treat

A Dell Inspiron 13!

Now you’ll be wondering

Why a Dell inspiron 13?

Well 1stly

Have you seen the condition of my pc?

It was produced in year 2000

And its getting slower every year


The Dell Inspiron 13

Has more than enough features to please everyone

Such as:

It has an awesome processor which is either the

Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo P7450 or P8700 !

It is designed in such a slick and sexy way and has a display of 13.3 inches

Tell me who doesn’t like his/her laptop to be beautiful?

It also has a hard disk of 320 gb

Man talk about space? PLENTY!

It is also equipped with 4GB of DDR2 Ram & a graphics card of either

the Intel Media Graphics Accelerator X4500MHD


the ATI Radeon (R) HD4330 – 512MB

This is more than enough speed and performance a person would want in a laptop

And furthermore

It also has a 1 year warranty on the laptop with InHome Service!

Inhome service in meaning that the technitions will come over to your house

to service it straight in front of your eyes!

So in conclusion

this would of course be in my top 5 treat list!

In addition:

Dell is giving a special coupon code


which enables anyone who makes the purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY)

to get a

RM100 instant cash redemption!

This offer is only available online or by calling 1800-88-0301

and it'll expire by 10th Nov 2009

so what are you waiting for?

grab your Dell inspiron 13 now!


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