Its gonna happen on the 21st Nov! at Sungai wang!

This is the event

Everyone has been waiting for!

This is Tm’s Event Day

for the launching of!

It will be held on the 21st of November 2009

At Sungai Wang Main Entrance

located at Bukit Bintang

from 8.30am-8.30pm

This is going to be an awesome event

As there’ll be plenty of celebrities coming over

to perform such as

Bunkface, Shila, Modread, Tomok & Dafi/Mila/Akim

There’ll be also tonnes of activities going on at the event

Such as:

A Sing along Karaoke & Group Karaoke

Now tell me who doesn’t love to sing?

Banner Concert Finals

As the audition for the top bands has already been held in Pyramid

You can refer to this post

and there'll be other surprises that are gonna happen that day!

so make sure that you’re free at that day

so that you can come to enjoy this awesome event

that is happening none other than at Sungai Wang Entrance!


Joyce said…
Truth be told, I'm not waiting for this at all. Just another non-exclusive every other tom dick and harry can attend.

In another word: It's going to be bloody packed and I don't want to be sandwiched.
Aidi-Safuan said…
wahh..thanx for da info!
i will be there!
Samuel C said…
Joyce: well some people just wanna go there for the free stuff & performances & have a great time eventhough it'll be packed

its totally up to you if u wanna go or not =)

Aidi: =) awesome stuff see ya there