If I'm a ninja assassin

The Show
will be heading to cinemas very soon!
I bet all the girls will be going..
because Rain is acting in this movie

Nuffnang is more than awesome
to be giving out invites for the premiere of NINJA ASSASSIN!
on the 24th of November

All you have to do is complete the slogan
"If i'm a ninja assassin..."


you can write a blog post about
"If I'm a ninja assassin..."

so as for this post

If i were a ninja assassin
i would be jumping and tumbling around
with awesome martial arts skills
to protect my master!!

*wahz i sound so geeky*

well a true ninja will always be loyal to his/her master
even till the death

so yeah i guess thats me! wheee =)

and my ninja outfit is:
Weapon choice no 1: Nun Chuks!
Weapon Choice No 2: Shurikens! (throwing stars)

Well this is the collection of Ninja items i still have

as most of em were confiscated by my parents when i was younger

Ninja knives!
Ninja shurikens

(these are real metal shurikens)
Kendo Sword & Nun Chucks!
Wooden Knuckle Dusters

This are the weapons left in my room haha

Oh wait..


ps: dont tell my mom as i dont think she knows all bout this lol!



chee-v said…
nice ninja gears man !
Ken Wooi said…
wow.. where you get all that??
lol.. cool =P

StellaSukka said…
wow, really full of ninja stuff ~ hehe..i bet NN will be impressed..anyway..just randomly linked till your blog from NN website
~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
I'm the master here...haha...Follow my instruction ninja!!! :P:P
theeggyolks said…
where did you buy all those EQ? Amazing!
conan_cat said…
aiks, ninja on loose!!

nice cool tools you have btw xD can go cosplay naruto liao :P
Unknown said…
wow, you got all those ninja stuffs in yr home? now i know what you do during yr free time.LMAO! XD
Unknown said…
LOL your knife looks plastic =p wakakakakaka XD
don't tell ur mum.. LOL!
i'm sure u will win the contest dee .. gahaha !!
Samuel C said…
Alvin: thx man =)

kenwooi: its been collected for a few years over different places =) but its only like half of what i have left

stellasukka: hehe thx =)

xiang: lol terrible la you haha

theeggyolks: various places when i was younger lol

conan_cat: hehe thx..lol i dont cosplay anymore since along time ago hahaa

Samantha: lol u think i throw the stars here and there ah?

manda: its metal =) next time shall show you

yu liang: yeah =.= my mom still doesn't know bout some of it hahaa
thanks for all admin
information is the most beautiful treasures