Howling at the new moon

The title says it all

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
will be shown in cinemas
not long from now

And Nuffnang is more than awesome
to be giving premiere invites for this movie
you can enter the contest by looking at this post

So hrmm what do i like about the twilight saga?

No. 1
Well for me its not like some Dracula movie
that just hungers on human blood and
is scared off by garlic cheese naans and crosses

No. 2
Its has twists to the story as it adds in Werewolves

No. 3
It has awesome characters playing out in the movie

Now everyone..
Get ready for Laughs in this post i made!
*pictures are just treats for the eyes*

Introducing the 1st Character:


I have no idea why girls think he is hot? lol
(i mean the real Edward Cullen)

Edward is a 104 year old vampire (yea man he lives so long)
that has very fast movements
He SUCKS on animal blood
He loves Bella
and his skin GLITTERS IN THE SUN

*omg its like so bedazzled*
*reminds me of XiaXue*

and the 2nd Character is:

as you can see
this is the pirated version of Jacob black as:
he has marker pen six packs!


alright in the movie

Jacob is a Werewolf
with a super Hot Body *drools*
(yes girls & guys dont deny it!)
is in love with Bella also
and err errr...

To set the record straight:
i do have six packs! lol

wtflol!! *perasan case*


Viewers discretion is advised
The following content may sore the eyes of Girls/Guys anybody!
and i'm not liable for anything that happens!
This may also result in
puking, brain damage, sores & disgustism
(is there such a word? lol)

so shall we proceed?
Our 3rd Character is:


okays so thats Bella lol

Bella is a normal girl
with some kinda "shielding power" she is yet to find out
she is in love with Edward and a lil bit towards Jacob
omg playerr!!! lol wthhhh

The only part i hate about Bella is:
The helplessness of her at times!

okays so thats all for this post



OMG I love your post la wei!! After I see yours i dun like mine edi.. haha.. and WTF Bella.. hahahahha..
JoyC said…
This just made my day. L-ed-ol, r-ed-ofl and all. Awesome cosplay! Hopefully you have the right permits to do that.
Ken Wooi said…
this is simple creative!
where did you get the dress from? =D
Ying Zi said…
Wtf... Why you never wear bra? Aiyeryer!!! HAHAHAHA!
Copykate said…

awesome post. u'll get the tickets for sure XD
HitoMi Ng said…
wasai, you really damn creative!! haha, whose skirt is that!!
Ruby said…
hi... awesome dude!! drop from innit.. Very funny hah.. hehehe... 10/10.. hehehe..

Samuel C said…
Amanda: haha i was so bored that night thats y i did it lol ..BELLA =D

Joyce C: awesome =) hehe glad i made your day hahaa... err i think i dont have permits lol

Kenwooi: got it from my sister lol

Ying Zi: i'm not that gay yet my dear

Copykate: =D i'm just too crazy at times haha...feel damn gay actually lol

Hitomi: thx =) erm my sisters

Rabiatul: hehe thx =)
Joshualaw said…
LOL~ I cant stop laughing while viewing those pictures! hahaha!
Good luck in winning tickets! :)
SaSa said…
wah, your post sooooo creative !! i love it!!(especially the six packs) haha!
Unknown said…
You look AWESOME in dress! you should wear more often! XD
Lisa717 said…
muahahhahha!! I really laugh till the max when i saw the pic of you in ladies dress!!! kakakka..u r so so funny la..!!!! wish u got the tickets ya~~all the best!!
Ericson said…
Love your underarms...
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
WOW..u just made me fall in love with Twilight.

btw, the dress reli suits u. Kudos =)
Tony said…
Nice. I hope you're sincerely making fun of Twilight.
Angel said…
omg.. i see the bella version i cannot tahan already. did u put tepung on ur face ah? hahaha.. where's the glittery2 edward? :P

love this man! *^_~*
Samuel C said…
Joshua: thx man =D glad it brought u laughs =D

sasa: hehe thx =) it was a crazy thing i did i guess lol

samantha: siao ah? i not gay lol =.=

lisa: hehe thx =D

ericson: OMG? =S 1st time hearing that

Nicol: hahaaa that pics were meant to disgust ppl actually hahaa =) thx!

Ynot: well its not to say i dislike twilight..but this post is just for laughs =)

Angel: didn't wana put glitter as i had classes the next morning...scared it can't come all off so yeah..i didn't wanna go all "SHINY" to college hahaa
Brenda W. said…
sam i gotta say you have a knack for writing posts to get tickets hahahahah. seriously!! great work sayang :)
Samuel C said…
brenda: hehe yeah i find this type of things interesting =) hehehe thx again sweetie =)