Event Day at Bukit Bintang!


Tm’s Event Day

Has finally come to past

It was held at Bukit Bintang Road in front of Sungai Wang Plaza

On the 21st of Nov 2009

The Event blocked half the Bukit Bintang Road

And it was packed with lots of people

That just came connected with Everyoneconnects.net!

The Screen
Bukit Bintang Road

Booths by Youthsays.com

Youthsays giving out freebies to the people
The main stage of the event
The Guys in charge of the PA systems
The Karaoke Booth

Some of the people singing through my window at the Karaoke Booth

Everyone walking towards the stage area

So the event started about 3pm

And the emcees of the day

Were none other than:

JJ & Ian

So as they were welcoming the crowd and also giving out freebies to the crowd

They were interrupted by:

OMG a cleaner?!?!




As he brought out a whole bunch of other cleaners

And they started to make noises and sounds with their

Brooms, pails, ladders, Bottles and some other equipment!

It was an amazing percussion performance by the cleaners

After their amazing performance

The excitement didn’t stop there!!

As after they started cleaning up their mess

This guy came up and took one of the cleaners brooms

Walking around while balancing a broom on his head

While wondering what was this about

It was actually a signal to some other people

Which eventually came into a FLASH MOB!

And they started sweeping the place

(man this is the 1st time Bintang Walk seemed so clean!)

And they were joined with other forces of Cooking Pans,

Pail covers, and all other percussions that we can’t think of!

Creating a veri large Flashmob of street percussion

Banging their way down Bintang walk!

As the event continued

JJ & Ian started giving away more freebies

And it came to this:

Where Bunkface took the stage

And had a “sing-a-long” karaoke session with the crowd

Where everyone together sang the song

“Through my Window”

The Crowd
Me & Jess
He is soo cutteeeee

The sing-a-long!

Well after the sing-a-long sessions with Bunkface

There were also a sing-a-long session with Suki

(sry no pics as she was at the other side)

And also there was a performance by our very own

Malaysian Crazy Haired Reshmonu!

As the sing-a-longs went along & Performances..

There was also a competition going on

Which is the:

Super Dance Online Competition
Participants playing SDO
Competing mode!

Somehow I don’t know how they do it by using mirrors to play

Well there was only one unlucky thing for the day

It started to rain so heavily!

(maybe its because of the singing? LOL)

Well this is the only sad factor of the day

Anyways so as the rain started to pour so badly

Jess and I headed inside Sg wang

And Jess was so facinated as this was her 1st time at sungai wang plaza

And she bought a bag and a pair of heels

Jess in Confusion

After the rain stopped

We headed outside to watch the final part of the day

Which is the Bannerconcert finals

Where bands that entered the finals were able to

show their talents in their songs and singing
one of the bands performing
the crowd

Joshua, Victoria, Jessica, Me

Well the day finally ended

With Bunk face performing on stage

It was an amazing event

And yeah its proudly brought to you by TM.


JoyC said…
So there was actually a huge public STOMP event there! Making music with garbage. Awesome.