Drinking session

This post is mainly for my classmates=D

As random as we can be
Taylors College PJ students are rather crazy

and this time
we decided to have a drinking session at my place
on a friday night

the people who came were:
Mr Patrick (yes he is my lecturer lol)
Samantha, Geralyn, Celine, Chia, Charlie, Chung, Steven, Eunice, Jay & Evon

headed over to my place about 8pm at night
and had our emo talks
and lots of fun seeing everyone getting high
after a hard day of college

I'll let the pictures describe the rest =)

The drinks we had that day were:
Black Label
Mouten Cadet Red wine
& Mouten Cadet White wine
Everyone show your fingers up!
Celine, Samantha, Geralyn, Me
Celine, Samantha, Geralyn, Evon
Steven getting drunk after the drinks
Group photo
candid dei!

well so now i shall await for our next drinking session!



Steven said…
nais pix. lol.. next time i'll refrain from liquor already. red wine shj pls haha :P
Victoria said…
wah drinking session? me likeyyy! ahaha!
~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
Lolx...Tak ajak lar :P:P:P
HitoMi Ng said…
whoa, that is INcredible!!
Samuel C said…
Steven: lol u drink anything also get high wan la

Victoria: lol this is once in a while occasssion

Xiang: Classmates la sayang

Hitomi: =D hehe
Steven said…
where got.. drink sky juice la :w