banner concert at Sunway Pyramid

Tm has organised its Banner Concert
which is the auditions
for the public
to perform their own version of
Through My Window

It was held at Sunway Pyramid Orange Entrance
on the 31st Oct and 1st Nov

there were various bands and participants
that came from near and far
to make through this audition
where they could stand a chance
to win great prizes

And through this audition
the finalist has been chosen
to compete for the Main Event at Bukit Bintang
that will be happening on the 21st of November

I'll let the pics describe the rest of this event:
Tm Banner
Outside of Orange Circle
The Stage
The Seats
Panel of judges
Xfm cruisers which came to give out free stuff
The audience trying to get free t shirts & cd's
The Audience attempting to sing "through my window"
The bands that performed
Well i dont know what to call this but..err..

the bands that participated were unique in their own ways

and we'll be heading to the grand finals at Bukit Bintang!

*some of the photos credited to Xiang*



Victoria said…
are u all gonna be at bukit bintang fer the main event?? can outsiders go see??
Samuel C said…
yeah we'll be there

of course you're more than invited =)