2012 at 1 utama with surprises!

The movie 2012 is finally released in cinemas

And of course I didn’t want to be left out without knowing the story

So I headed over to 1 utama with Jessica, Jaclyn & Eric

To watch this movie

And all I would say it is FREAKING AWESOME!

I would totally rate this on par with Transformers!

But well

The excitement didn’t start from the movie itself!

It started BEFORE the movie

As we were in the cinema waiting for the advertisements to pass

Everyoneconnects.net song which is

Through my window

Was advertised on the screen

The most awesome part is:

It was like a flashmob in the cinema!

As the audience started Singing & Cheering

and also

Standing up and clapping their hands to the advertisement

Starting of the add
Crowd Cheering

Finally Everyone Connects!

I mean tell me

Since when do ppl even pay attention to advertisements in the cinema?

This is like my 1st ever experience where everyone starts singing in the cinema!

And it was just so awesome!

*photo credits to kate & Allison*



Wil C said…
At least the cinema has life again.. :)
Samuel C said…
haha yeah
this is like the 1st time i'm seeing this =.= lol
JoyC said…
I've seen people clapping like it was a live show. This is a new one. Next thing you know we'll see a dancing audience. XD
Unknown said…
WAH.. i never experience that before.. I think if i ever did that in a cinema everyone will think I'm a jakun O.O
Mr.J said…
cool. unfoggoted experiment. hehhe.


Truly Malaysia.. hehe
Kristin said…
I think most of us won't get to see such scene in a cinema. Haha
Samuel C said…
Joyce: yeah i guess we will c that in the future =)

Manda: lol next time all of us bloggers start jumping around and sing la =D teehee
Mr.J : yeah truly malaysia! =)

Kristin: yeah its quite true =) 1st time for me too hehe
Allison said…
Hi Sam,

After reading through your post, i realized you have a few exact photos like the one i took except that it doesnt have my watermark there. And the pics are the one i took at TGV KLCC and not 1U. Can you please tell me where you got ur pics?
Samuel C said…
Dear Allison

Heres the thing

i didn't even know who's pictures were this as it was given by Jacklyn & Eric without any names.

This is because at GSC didn't allow the TM staff to jump up and down..hence there was nothing going on in GSC 1utama

so in order for us to blog, Jacklyn sent us this pictures and i assumed it was Kate's pictures as i saw some of em in her website. So i just said photo credits to Kate.

I'm sorry if i had "stole" your pictures as i didn't even know it belonged to you

I shall add your name into the credits in my blog

Allison said…
Hi Sam,

It's not my intention whatsoever to spoil your name. And its not my intention that i want to be 'credited' and hence, i posted up that post. It's just as i had said i was also confused as to whats going on and it's the shock of seeing the pictures that prompted me to write that post. i had kinda guessed the pics must had been passed to you but onli after i posted up the post.

But I'm glad we get the story right now. I apologized for 'spoiling' your name. Dont worry i will clear ur name for you. :)
Simon Seow said…
lol, how did un-watermarked pic got there in the first place?
Samuel C said…
Allison: yeah...anyways its passed already..dont really care bout it

simon: lol i'm photoshop illiterate and u expect me to take out watermarks LOL!!! somebody else passed me the pics
Anonymous said…
Hiya, my name is Kok Ern, i am not siding anyone,just here to suggest a little.if you already found out who is the owner of those pictures, you shouldn't add another person's name there.Its either you delete them or you put the full name of the owner...hope you get what i meant.No heart feeling k,smile:)
Samuel C said…
Kok Ern: I can't delete this post as this is part of my blogging tasks.

I only knew that some of the pics belong to Kate thats y i credited Kate only at the beginning

So now since i know i've credited both of them in this post