Xberry at Republic

Can anyone tell me
of course everyone wants one

Instead of the question:

What are your thoughts of having a
XPAX BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 in your life?

Tell me:

What are your thoughts of NOT having a
XPAX BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 in your life?

Simple as that!

If i were not have a blackberry..
I would be stuck with:
My old fashion Zeekia Phone

which has:
Practically no functions at all

and of course:
It looks so ancient!

What are your thoughts of NOT having a
XPAX BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 in your life?




The new Blackberry Curve 8520!
So 1st things 1st..
it would be a dream come true if i were to own a Blackberry

as the new Blackberry Curve 8520
has plenty of functions that i love
and also because i'm a person
that needs technology right beside me

The functions that i love most
bout the Blackberry is
the ability of it to go online wherever

as i'm a person that is deeply rooted
in online applications such as
Facebook, Windows Live, and Emails

And with its large screen
it wouldn't be hard to use any of this applications!

Another Reason why i love the Blackberry
is its on its Design

Its designed to be slim and it has
more than 60,000 colours flowing through it

It is also user friendly and
its trackpad navigation system allows
me to navigate easily!


Xpax gives awesome prepaid packages for the Blackberry
starting from RM1 per day!
and if you wanted Xpax Blackberry advance..
it'll only cost RM2.50 per day!

Now thats affordable!
tell me who wouldn't think so?
with such affordable prices..
its not expensive to own one! =)

so anyways continuing this post
I was invited to the XBERRY Party
at Republic, Sunway Pyramid
by Nuffnang =)

Thx Nuffnang for the invites!

This event is about the launching of the new Blackberry Curve 8520
The event started about 8pm
and it was full of performances and activities the whole night
and the performers for this event were awesome as well!
One of the best part of this party is:
It was free flow on Tiger Beer & Black Label!

I invited Amanda as my Guest
and met up with most of the other bloggers that night

I shall let the pics describe the rest:
Republic Sunway Pyramid
The VVIP Tickets courtesy of Nuffnang
The Entrance of the event area
Xpax Baloons!
Customers Queing up to get their Blackberry Curve 8520

If you're wondering why everyone was lining up for it..
This is because
The Blackberry Curve 8520 was sold
at a much discounted rate
at only RM888 each!
(normal price is RM1188)
The Stage Area
Me and Zoey with the big X
Blackberry Yo!

The bloggers headed inside to Republic VVIP area
as drinks were on the house for VVIP
and we were able to meet the performers that were going to perform

The people who purchased the new Blackberry Curve 8520 that day
were able to come in as well =)
The Bartenders & VVIP area
The blogger Dudes
The blogger babes

we headed outside after a few drinks
as the event was about to start
and we started to become so jacunz
The Videographer was videotaping us!

and as bloggers...
we started FLASHING him..

With our cameras of course =)
What are u thinking? BLEHH!!

so after some time
The Emcee came up
and started the whole event
with a performance from
The human beatbox Shawn Lee!
The Emcee
Bloggers doing their thing
Introducing The human beatbox Shawn Lee

If you don't know who is Shawn Lee
He is a 18 year old Malaysian
with an awesome sound from such a small body =)
and he is my churchmate from City Harvest Church!

He is ranked No.9 In the
Beatbox World Championship 2009
which was in Berlin, Germany

this is one of the videos of him that night:

now isn't he awesome?

so after Shawn has performed..

The next performer up
was no other than
our own Kanye West of Malaysia

Joe Flizzow!

Joe Flizzow is one of the role models in my life

My life revolved around hiphop when i was young
and at that time
Joe Flizzow was in Too Phat with Malique
Seeing his videos on dancing and performing
it really shook my life up

and the best part is
I got his autograph when i was only Standard 6! lol
still having it till now =)

so anyways this is Joe performing on that day itself:
Joe Flizzow
His dancers
Joe Flizzow singing towards a chiqa

After his performance

The 1st lucky draw was up

And anyone who purchased a blackberry
was able to participate
and had the chance to get ANOTHER blackberry home

How awesome is that yo?

but sadly no one came up to redeem their prizes
and it soon came into a rap battle
between two females
(judged by Joe Flizzow)
Joe Flizzow judging the 2 girls doing a 16 bar rap

The girl in the blue top managed to beat
the Girl with the green top
hands down!

do all small people have big sounds? lol

Congrats to her as she got herself a brand new Blackberry Curve!

continuing the event

Shawn Lee came up for the 2nd time to perform
as there was a slight delay for DJ Xu from Lapsap
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee doing his thing

so after his performance

DJ Xu of Lapsap came to entertain us
with his mixing on the DJ Rack
DJ Xu from Lapsap
Bloggers dancing to the groove

After a while of spinning and mixing of music
by DJ Xu from Lapsap

The next performance was by Arabyrd

She is a freestyle singer
and she managed to hype up her songs
with lots of dancing
Arabyrd performing on stage!
Another performance

So after the performances
DJ Lapsap continued his spinning throughout the night

and us bloggers had our photo sessions as usual
Joe Flizzow and I
Erin and I

now all of you will be wondering
Who is she???

She is the manager of Shawn Lee
and a good make up artist and fashion sense woman there is today!
and the best part is
She is my church mate too!!! =D
my camwhore babe of the night =D
Yu Liang, Shawn, Adelyn, Michelle Siew, Me

and as the event ended
the last Lucky Draw was called out
and this time
we managed to find a winner!
He is one of the luckiest people that night
as he walked away with 2 extra blackberry's!

but of course..
he did pay quite a sum as he bought 9 blackberry's
for his employees at his work place

What goes around comes around!

Congrats man!

that concludes this post



Kennee said…
Wow lucky guy indeed... 2 extra units... omg...
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
OMG..i need to know what company he own. I'm sooooo gonna get him to be my boss!!!
Unknown said…
"Do all small people have big sounds??"

LOL that actually sounds wrong.. =p
Victoria said…
ehhh shawn was my "pet brother" during high school but i dint know that he goes to city harvest church tho. lol
Ken Wooi said…
so cool huh?
i never went for such events before.. =P

erin wong said…
Hahahhahahhahahaha! Thanks for the nice mention, on me and shawn!

Btw, Shawn and I were supposed to win the BB, but I had left earlier and took the numbers with me. T__T
Samuel C said…
Kennee: =D lets see who wins it=D
Nicole: hahaa i have no idea...lol u go and find out la =D
Manda: lol wthhh u perverted girl!
Victoria: yeah he goes there hehe
Kenwooi: why not?
Erin: hehe my pleasure =) awwwh...thats so sad =(
marcusan said…
heys...dont we have a pic together during Xpac? where is it ah? =D
Samuel C said…
marcus: i also have no idea..it wasn't with my cam =S forgot whos also