Whats gonna happen this weekend..hrmm...

Ever had a feeling

Of wondering what you’ll be doing this weekend..



There is an event this weekend

Which is the

Banner Concert Audition!!

Now if u have been following my blog

I have been writing about the new song by

Bunk Face

Which is titled “Through my Window

And now Tm is organising an event

That will be held at

Sunway Pyramid Orange Entrance Area

Date: 31st Oct & 1st Nov

Time: 12-6pm

Now you’ll be wondering what is going to happen there

It is going to be an audition

Where bands and contestants can come

And sing their own version of

Through My Window!

Well if you’re wondering and lacking inspiration..

There are also celebrities that created their own versions of this song

Such as


Which is the first male champion of One In a Million series

In One In a Million 3


Which is the 1st runner up in One in a Million 2


Which is the winner of Hot FM Twisties Bingit


From the Akademia Fantasia Series

Which is the latest version of Through My Window!

You can actually take the ideas that this

Celebrities have already done!

And the Celebrities will also be performing on that day too!

This event will be judge by famous judges

So you wouldn’t be worried of unfair judging

And also The Cruisers will be there!

Well if there is something that you really have to do this weekend

And you’re not able to attend this audition


As you can submit your video

of your version of Through my Window

Online at www.everyoneconnects.net !!


The best video will be chosen to run on

online portals!!

What is there to lose?

Join this audition!

And you might come back with awesome prizes!

I’ll see you there!


Ken Wooi said…
ahh.. cool..
but i wont be there.. =P

Josiah & Renae; said…
too bad i won't be there. good luck!