What song is this???

Classes has been commencing for about 3 weeks now

and the workload is really heavy and demanding

The 1st week and i've got about 5 assignments already?

and about 10 reports to submit

How much more stress can i get?

Oh my...

Well just today i was at the library

trying to finish up some assignments

and of course as i do my work

i'll always have earphones connected to me

as music is a way to calm my nerves down from stress

and also stops me from being distracted

I always listen to my mp3's in my laptop

or either tune in to Hitz.fm online site

somehow this time i was listening to Hitz.fm

and i've came accross a song that really struck my interest

This song managed to kill the stress

as my brain was about to explode

I fell in love with its catchy beat and tune

and the song is so mind bottling!

and another thing is

The singers of this song sound local!

its really hard to find good singers like this nowadays

but sadly


as i've only caught the last chorus of this song


all i remember was during the chorus

they were singing

"me and you..something something..you and me..something something"

Ahh anyone knows the title of this song?

i've recorded a piano cover for the chorus of this song

anyone can help me out?

as im dying to know this song's name and the artist name

can anyone help me out?


Eileen said…
I'm not sure if this is the song, you try : Happy Together by The Turtles

Samuel C said…
ahhh its not that song =( its a new song...they said it over the radio=(
Jacquelyn Ho said…
eh u know how to play piano one! *surprised*

but sorry neh i dunno the song's name. will tell u if i know! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow! u play piano very well eh! Nice nice! Sorry dun know wat song is that =P
Dila Ariff said…
your piano cover sounds like Melee - Built To Last.
but the lyrics, takde pulak me and you smth smth you and me smth smth.. hmm..
Dila Ariff said…
hun, I found your song!

Mervyn said…
sounds like bunkface..i guess.as it sounds local too but i dunno cuz i hear from what ur friend commented..haha
Samuel C said…
Jac: lol yeah i know how to play my dear =)
Joshua: hehe thx =)
Dila: wow you're fast! thx dila =)
Mervyn: yeah i think it is =D
JP said…
One time - Justin Bieber?

ying zi said…
How about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBlvzGDFbro

you and me - lifehouse