This is it! This is the answer!

Well as in my previous post

I’ve finally found the song I’ve been searching for

It is titled

Through My Window

by Bunk Face!

Now don’t you find it funny?

Such a song played on the radio and TV

Yet they don’t tell you the name of it

Ahh how they manage to stimulate curiousity with everyone!

Well if you haven’t got a chance to listen to this song

You’re able to download it here

Well if ur wondering what site is that?

It’s a new online site called


And I guess there are a lot of things that’s gonna happen at that site!

Well in the mean time

They have finally made online groups

Such as:

Well there is absolutely NO harm

With joining this groups

As we’re joining multiple kinds of groups at Facebook, Friendster & Tweeter

And who knows?

Maybe they’ll be throwing events and stuff

And you might get to take part in this events!

If you’re still doubting and feeling whats up with it

Just to let you know

It is Powered by TM!

So I guess there are a lot of things in store for us!

As everyone knows how powerful and popular TM is in this country!


stephy-nie said…
oh.. this is the song's name. :D yay you did the work for me in searching for the song name XD