Stressed up for blog awards

For the first time ever
I'm invited to attend
held in Singapore
on the 23rd of October!

Well i wrote in my two post
and walaah~
Nuffnang has given me 2 invites
to go to this prestigious event!

and for my guest
i'm inviting Xiang as Michelle can't make it

so now comes the stressed out part


the theme is black and white (formal)
for the guys
and cocktail dresses for the girls

Yes black and white are my favourite colours
but which one to wear? ARGH!

man i sound like a girl dont i?

so anyways I've listed down a few photos

opinions please?

White Series:

White Shirt,
Black Slim Fit Coat,
Red & Black Music Tie
White Shirt
Black Slim Fit Coat
Black Vest
Black Tie
White Shirt
Black Trench Coat
Black Tie
White Shirt
White Trench Coat
Black Tie

Black Series:

Black Shirt
Black Slim Fit Coat
Silver Tie
Black Shirt
Black Trench Coat
Silver Tie
Black Shirt
Black Slim Fit Coat
Black Vest
Black Tie

can you give me opinions pls? xD

The list of clothing i wore:
Shirts are from G2000
Pants from John Masters
Slim Fit Coat from Top Shop
Black Trench Coat from Divided
White Trench Coat from some French brand
Vest from Radioactive
Ties from My Tie Shop
Belt from Bonia
Shoes from Polo

yes i'm a mix match kinda person =)



yungchien said…
Okay, I'm gonna give you one long comment =P I wanted to put it in the CBOX but I figure it's gonna be long. =P

A - Smart and nice, but a tad bit common. Of course, most formal-wears for guys are like that, but... you could look better with the other options. =)

B - This is good. You can try this, since you will look good too without the coat. :)

C & D - Personally think Trench Coat doesn't go with the event. Don't know why, just a hunch. You could try White Trench Coat with Black Shirt & Silver Tie. Will look cool I think. (Best if with White pants)

E - Refer comment A. But the Silver Tie is awesome. So if you don't really buy the idea of having a vest, this is (in my opinion), your next best option.

F - Refer comment C & D.

G - Most suitable of the lot, IMO. If you change the black tie into silver tie, lagi awesome. Likewise, you can wear this without the coat; will look good, too.

Black Shirt, Black Vest, Black Slim Fit coat with Silver Tie - Catchy and Stands out slightly, even in the dark (due to the tie). You could search for a Neon-Glowish tie in The Tie Shop (or something), would be a nice add-on to your collection.

Just my humble opinion xD Can't help it when it comes to clothes and fashion. =P
i prefer A

if not D also can :D
Victoria said…
I prefer B :) anyways have fun in SG! take more pics and blog about it!
erin wong said…
B or E. Wear any of the rest and I'll go to Singapore and hunt you down with the fashion police.
hi said…
E :) I'd be seeing you in Singapore yipee!!
Jackie said…
i am more to G person =P
Theeggyolks said…
"E" is nice. It look really smart :)
Fird said…
Black series is good.

But if you can, try going for all-white suit and pants, white shoes, and only make the tie black.
poshnfab said…
I like the B version. Looks so versatile. Love it.
Unknown said…
I like both E & G. But yea, E is a bit common lol
HitoMi Ng said…
B looks good, E & F I have seen you wearing it lol
Samantha Chow said…
E, confirm!

eh i also dunno what to wear omggggg
B, E and G looks good on you.. E is relatively common though.. If you wanna go for something more unique I'd say G but try it with the silver tie.. But in my opinion, you look good in B.. =) hope this helps..
Allison said…
I think between A and B looks appropriate for a formal event like this.

A - looks smart but more mature

B - looks younger but still smart

Kristin said…
Go for F! I love the long coat! Anyway enjoy ur day =D
Anonymous said…
Actually for a "Black Tie" event, you'll need to wear a BOW TIE, not the usual tie you usually wear at work.
Unknown said…
I think you look best in E. =)
Anonymous said…
don bother bout your choice
you know why?
cuz your looks aka appearance sucks anyway
forget it
just wear anything
it doesn't matter a single bit
Shuwen said…
B looks awesome !! :)
LOL anonymous, you're so rude.
You should buy a mirror.
You're so ugly that you dare not write your own name :) tsk tsk, shame on you
weijie said…
any would do , you look great in all of them ! LOL :)
Samuel C said…
Thx everyone =) i will most probably be wearing B

well to the Anonymous's...

I didn't say its a black tie event
its just stated a formal event which is themed black and white for the guys=)

and for the other anonymous..

if you're really confident about your good looks..why not leave your link or contact?

you shouldn't criticize someone if you do not dare stand up for what you think about yourself...cos its coward like and gutless

Why i am able to call you a coward?
cos you're not able to accept what other comments people will say about you after what you wrote

so you should understand...your comment is just pointless
Michelle said…
Pick B laa ass hole! haha. U leng chai, oni the hair sucks! get a hair cut tml. n dun forget tat u promise me bout hanging out after ur sg trip. n bring back some souvenir!! for ME! :D:D:D:D:D:D
Jeffro said…
dang bro! You sure have a heck of a closet! Hehehe.. Can I could borrow your clothes (if they fit) for certain events too? =P

btw.. It's Either B or E.. :D
Jervynna said…
"U leng chai, oni the hair sucks! get a hair cut tml." i so agree!!

haha.. ehh no matter how keng ur outfit hoh, but if your hair look like ah beng, u still look dodgy! go die back ur hair lar please :) haha!

and... the music on ur page scared the shit outta me *hyperventilates*
Jervynna said…
i mean dye* not die.