Nuffnang Awards at Singapore Day 1

Sorry as i wasn't able to update this post earlier
as i was rather busy having exams
and understand la =)

I was invited to
Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards at Singapore
with a whole bunch of other nuffnangers

This is the most prestigious event in Nuffnang History
as it is the 1st Awards that is held!

The day started off with a few of us heading to the LRT stations
to reach the Nuffnang office

as we're supposed to gather there at 7.30am
*man it was so hard for me to wake up*

as usual..
Jackie was late to reach the lrt station
but we still made it to Nuffnang's Office at about 7am
Plenty of Bloggers

there were 3 busses
heading down to Singapore

but sadly
Me, Jeremy & Xiang were separated from our usual group of friends
and we ended up in Bus 2

but no big deal..
we managed to make new friends in that bus =D

we left the nuffnang office at about 8.40am
as some bloggers came late

It was a very long ride down to Singapore
as there were too many toilet breaks
and also there were some problems at the immigration office
as a blogger brought in cigarettes without declaring the cigarettes

we managed to reach Link Hotel
(which is the Official Hotel for this awards)
at about 3.30pm

somehow the rooms allocation was really messy as we're a big group
and we got our rooms rather late
and it was bad as the girls needed more time =S
but overall its a great hotel =)
Link Hotel
the room

so we just had enough time to freshen up
and get into our suits for the night
as time was running fast that day
camwhoring at the bathroom

The bus left Link Hotel approximately 6.45pm
and we reached Pan Pacific Hotel
where the Awards was held

so as we reached
the photo session started among all of us
Myself with the backdrop
Me and Zoe

*credits to Mikeyip*

The rest of the photos are all
Clockwise from top:
Group pic

*Credits to Mikeyip*
Another group picture

*credits to Mikeyip*
Jacquelyn & I

*credits to Chris*

and of course
i was able to meet famous bloggers
such as:

so after all the photo taking
we headed in to the hall

There were about 400 bloggers attending!
how awesome is that?
The Stage
The Hall

As the awards proceded

we were able to eat an awesome 5 star meal
Marinated Smoked Tuna with Feta Cheese, Herb Salad & Balsamic Olive Oil
Light Creme of Asparagus and Grean Peas topped with Chive Mouselline
Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mashed Potato in Balsamic Mediterranean Vege in Mango Coriander Salsa Sauce.
Praline Hazelnut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly

I didn't take any pics of the awards given out
as i was too busy gobbling down the food and camwhoring here and there

so anyways the list of winners for the blog awards are:

Best Blog Shop:

Best Food Blog:

Best Fashion Blog:

Best Parenting Blog:

Best Travel Blog:

Best Celebrity Blog:

Best Entertainment Blog:

Best Geek Blog:

Best Original Blog Design:

Best Influential Blog:

Best Hidden Gem:

Region's Best Blog:

and there was an extra Award given out
to the most Best Pringles Video created

and the winner is no other than:

with is award winning video:

So as the event came to an end..
There were group photos all around
such as:
all the nominees & winners of the awards
Group picture of Malaysian & Singaporean Bloggers
The high school-ish picture of feet!
Guys camwhoring in the toilet

and of course...
Guys pissing in the toilet!

*Credits to ken*

The awards ended and we reached back to the hotel
about 12am+

and to our surprise
we had new friends in our room which are:
The cows of Link Hotel

our "souvenir" courtesy of Link Hotel

that wraps up this post



Jolyn Goh said…
why my name ter-seperated into TWO geh.. I kno lar... my b4 n after make-up look diff but that doesn't mean I need to be split into 2... ^^"
ehh awards post finally up.. hehe.. and your outfit looks good!! =)
HitoMi Ng said…
wasai, the video damn chun!! very hilarious some more

i saw all the leng luis and leng zaissss too
hi said…
HAHA... Singapore toilet so nice meh? HAHA!!
wen pink said…
the cow cow souvenir from the hotel is damn cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! why is the hotel so nice?
chris federick said…
Haha, too addicted to photo taking til can't go in the toilet without a shot.
Shilvaa said…
Woah , Kenny Xia and XX !! Love your post ! :D
Samuel C said…
jolyn: ahh sry sry...corrected it =)

amanda: hehe thx manda =)

hitomi: yeah u should tell jaleif that lol =)

Stephen: yeah =D cleaner than malaysia's normal public toilet

wen pink: lol i have no idea..they love us lol...

chris: yeah =.= we're some crazy dudes haha

shilvaa: hehe thx =) hehe