Mr Baoz at Pavilion

Jessica is such a sweetheart
after she blogged for Mr Baoz
Mr Baoz gave her lots of meal coupons
as the payment for her blogging about it

So Jessica invited a few of us over to
Pavilion KL
to have dinner at Mr Baoz

The people that were present were:

we headed over to Mr Baoz about 8pm
and started ordering all the different
types of baoz available =)
Mr Baoz
My beloved Jessica <3
Meal vouchers
the baoz
up close *yumz*
During the makan
Jacquelyn and I
Jessica, Me & Jacquelyn

we had so much to eat
approx about 8 plates of Baoz
and we couldn't finish most of em lol

so in the end
Jess started with just eating the fillings of the baoz
so that we wouldn't be that full
Jessica at work
(those are the skins of the baoz)
Jessica's masterpiece

The last picture of the day

Credits to Alex & Jackie for some of the pictures

and thanks so much jess for the invite to dine with you =)