Maybeline Simply Fabulous Grand Finals @ Euphoria

was held at
Euphoria, Ministry of Sound

I was given invites courtesy of
as she was one of the official bloggers of
Maybeline Simply Fabulous

This event comprised on 10 girls
from all different backgrounds
competing to get the
and also to win loads of Prizes

The Grand prize is
RM10,000 in sponsorship
A trip to New York
(for money can't buy passes to Fashion Week)
and other prizes totaling up to RM50,000!

If u have been watching the episodes
you'll know that this girls have went through
to reach the top 10

not easy to be Fabulous ain't it?

so anyways..
Its time for Photos!
The lights at Euphoria
My Wristband & Drink Vouchers
The Judging Table

So anyways
I shall introduce the people that were there
that day

First and foremost!
My beloved Jessica Tan =)
The Twin Towers
Introducing the Emcees
Sarah Lian & Henry Golding
The Judges

and of course:
The Contestents

So the event started off with a Q & A Session
between the judges and the contestants

To my disappointment

The Series of answers were
mostly Revised & all planned out
You could tell by the way they talked

but at least i knew some were truthful and impromptu

What to do?
they wouldn't wanna screw up
a live broadcast would they?

so continuing with the pictures:
The Stage
The Contestants

After the series of Q & A's

there was a performance by:
James Baum

He managed to entertain the crowd
with a number of songs

The event continued
with the Contestants Catwalking
with the clothing line from
Levi's Fall Winter 2009 Collection
The Girls

The Contestants went backstage after the catwalking
while the judges started to tabulate the scores

In the mean time
we had a performance by our own
Malaysian Made Beatboxer
Align Center
well if u read my blog enough
you notice that I've wrote quite a lot on him
so i wont be writing much in this post

He gave a beatbox performance for about 10 minutes
and soon the Dj's took over with giving hot beats and sounds
to the dance floor!
After about 20 minutes of music by the DJ's
the tabulation of scores by the Judges
have been finalized

and the winner of the
Maybeline Simply Fabulous is:


Nalin Receiving the Mock Cheque
Miss Nalin

so as the event finally came to an end
the press conference started

and us bloggers just started to chill at The Deq
and started to camwhore as usual =)

and of course
The crazy bloggers played with Jessica's Tripod

and did things such as:
JEFFRO'S 3 Way Dildo!

Pleasurising 3 Guys/Girls at a time



that concludes this post



~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
Nice event to attend eh....I think i'm not gonna blog of put yours, jeffro and jessica links on my blog :P
AngelKein♥ said…
Memang fabulous.
stephy-nie said…
LOL. tripod also you guys can make it like that. goodness XD
Unknown said…
fuah~ last pic! LIKEY!
Samuel C said…
Xiang: alright
Angel: hehe of course i am =D lol wtf
Stephynie: lol we're guys =) we're perverted lol
Dylan: haha i like it too lol wthhh
Anonymous said…
Censored!!!! lol
Nlndr said…
hey! thanks for blogging about the finals. =) nice photos! ;)