Klang Bah Kut Teh & Jeremy's Birthday

As random as my classmates can get
we decided to enjoy
Bah Kut Teh

and where else can we get good bah kut tehs
except in Klang? =D

On a Early Saturday morning
Me, Chung, Charlie, Andrew, Eunice & Steven
we headed down to Klang and reached
somewhere near Bukit Tinggi
and met up with Mervyn, Celestine & Ejinn over there

we had Bah Kut Teh
near Mervyn's & Ejinn's house
as they said that this was good =)

i'll let the pictures describe this trip
Angsa Emas Restaurant
The peeps
The Bah Kut Teh Pot

one thing different here is:
The pork is served in separate bowls

a good hygiene factor =D
and the soup with the pork is much thicker
compared to the soup with the veggies and intestines etcetc
Now you see the food
And now its gone!!

it was an awesome breakfast
and the best part is
Ejinn's mom paid for our breakfast


after bah kut teh we headed down to Mervyn's place
to Chill and just let our stomachs cool down
Chilling around

and we found out whats Charlie's weakness

we headed back about 10.30am

and as the rest went to play futsal
i headed over to Pavilion in the afternoon
as it was:


we celebrated his 20th birthday at
TGI Fridays

and of course my darllinngg:


look at Jason's face lol
The table

so it came to the time
where its Fridays tradition

that the b'day boy
must give a speech/sing
while standing on the chair
Jeremy doing his thing
Jeremy Singing "thunder"
Chocolate Cake *yumz*
Jeremy managed to take both candles out
without smashing the cake lol

as we tried so hard to push his head down lol

but no bigg...

in the end:
Jessica smashed chocolate on his face lol

thats all for this post

once again




TheJessicat said…
fuck the choc i smashed on him looks like his nose shit :P
HitoMi Ng said…
haha, so fun!! too bad I was stuck in canon photomarathon.