Kajang Satay

During the Deepavali holidays
A bunch of us bloggers
decided to enjoy one of our famous delicacies
that is
Authentic Kajang Satay!

Me and Jeffro Convoyed each other
as we had to pick up Pui Yeng, Alex, Xiang, and Victoria

My journey to kajang took about 2 hours
as had to drop by many places

It started from
Subang > Shah Alam (Pui Yeng) > Bukit Jalil (Jeffro & Xiang) >
Serdang (Alex) > Cheras (Victoria) > Kajang

My gosh it was one tiring drive

but anyways
we met up with the Josh, Jacquelyn, Chris, Kim, Zhao, Jackie, Diese & her brother
and a few more bloggers (forgot your names =X)
HJ Samuri Kajang Satay!

we ordered about 100+ Sticks of Satay all together
and of course
you should know that
Kajang Satay is twice the size of your regular satay!
Cucumbers and Ketupat
The messy table
Managed to eat 21 sticks =D Yumz!
Pui Yeng and I
Xiang, Victoria, Me

well it was a really nice outing
excluding the drive
as we got to eat awesome stuff
and managed to flash each other kao kao!
last group pic

Credits to Chris



Jackie said…
Like tat la forgot my name in ur post! hmmp!
Samuel C said…
lol sry boss! sudah added lol
desmondch said…
wow..nice outing..would like to join next time..haha
Unknown said…
Wow~ Satay Kajang... forgot last time is when liao~
I'm at UKM... very near to Kajang~ Haha...
Jeffro said…
ROFL.. u forgotten one part...
My driving skill.. HAHAHAHAHA.. =P
million apologies for that xD
chris federick said…
Holy cow. Craving for satay now.
Josh said…
Ei, first time meeting you that day. Although didn't really talk to you. ^_^ BTW, mine is just plain Josh, not Joshua. XP
Samuel C said…
desmond: sure thing! =D

Kafechew: ooooh if ur so near go la! xD ppl like me drive an hour just to reach there

Steven: of course=D

Jeffro: shhhhh...dont let ppl know bout your awesome driving skills lol

chris: go ahead and get some! =D

Josh: lol paiseh...sry boss xD thought its the short form hahaa
flora said…
eh ape ni, come kajang tak panggil org kajang..tsk tsk..=(