Its Krrunch Time! Get playful!!

is just around the corner

Everyone is trying to grab hold
on the tickets to go to this event

And to get this tickets
a blogger must:
Create a blog post
on how you can create a more playful situation with Pringles
from a boring and dull situation

and there are 3 categories which are:

so for this post
I have chosen the theme

As i'm a hospitality student
we dont only just do the practicals
we have also about 50% based on theory

Practical classes are always Krrunch
as we get to do plenty of things
such as Role Playing
Cooking up awesome dishes
and also creating our own restaurant
based on a theme we wanted
but of course
there is a downside...
some of the theory classes are so dead boring
and of course...
everyone has experienced a lecturer
which doesn't know how to present or deliver the lectures properly
and to me it is hell of a headache at times

most students will normally doze off
with this type of lectures
(especially me..i lack sleep most of the time lol)

but somehow this time
Pringles gave me such a Krrunch time
as i managed to do one of the things i love the most
which is
Yes i know
i sound like a girl
but yeah i do love to camwhore
*sounding so metrosexual*


so as i was having Plants and Premises Class
which you learn about all the Engineering part
of Hospitality such as the systems
Its one of the most boring subjects
as it was not presented efficiently

but i managed to
Enjoyed the class
by doing what i love most =)

so here goes:
OMG~~ he has already started his lameness

after a few minutes of camwhoring
most of my classmates were wondering

why is there so much sound and flashes?

and then..

Celestine, Mervyn, Jessica, Evon
Samantha, David, Chia, Sook Hui

and last but not least:

so basically we had a fun time at class
and also we managed to shoot a video
of a scenario of our previous Geography class with
one of the most boring lecturers ever

Hospitality Students you should know who he is =)

Not my best video ever...
as my programs i normally used are corrupted
Pringles Pringles
it makes my day
when everyone is dead
and nobody wants to play
it gives a krrunch with every bite
it makes all of us just satisfied

when i say pringles you say krrunch
Pringles! Krrunch! Pringles! Krrunch

3 6 9
Dang you're fine
With pringles on the line
give it to me one more time
get low..get low get low get low

I'm the happiest man in the whole wide world
Go pringles Go pringles Go! (x4)




Anonymous said…
why bother writing in english when it's so embarassingly weak.

u r a chinese
Samuel C said…
1st things 1st...

This is my blog and i can write however i want to

If you think your English was so fantastic..why not leave your blog link so EVERYONE can see how awesome your english is?

Without any evidence on how strong and perfect your english is, you have no right to critisize mine

So what if i'm a chinese? MUST i write in Chinese?

Think before you comment next time=)
Unknown said…
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stephy-nie said…
lol at anonymous. what an ass.

btw camwhoring rawks! XD and i never knew hospitality have to learn so many stuufs wan eh. Geography too? :O
Victoria said…
hey anonymous, don't you have other better things to do then to leave spam comments at other people's blog? Haven't you heard about do not judge a book by it's cover? Even so i do not believe it cause i bet 101% that you speak English like how ah bengs does!

BTW, it's his blog! why are you getting so fcuked up huh,anonymous?Got a crush on him? Did his way of writing tells you that he is gay too??!

retard spammers
Samuel C said…
Stephy: yeah we have to learn alot of things overall thats our advantage when we go out to work =)

Vic: thx vic..nvm la let him write what he wants...dont really matter anyway
TheJessicat said…
wtf man, i've never seen such an embarrassingly weak comment in my entire life.

I'd like to see malay bloggers blog ONLY in malay, indian bloggers blog ONLY in tamil and heck, i assume you're chinese - make ur facebook page in chinese too then.

u disgust me with your comment, how irrelevant in this era especially.