Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

Singapore is always famous
as one of the best tourist attractions in South East Asia

its full with Architecture, Culture, Food & Excitement!
and of course i would love to experience it over and over again

but for people like me
i head to Singapore about once a year
but its normally for other reasons
i would normally head down
for Conferences and Cheerleading competitions & Performances

This is one of the performances i did at City Harvest Church Singapore:

so as I'm always there
i would say "YES" its fun to compete and everything
i don't have the opportunity
to travel around Singapore delighting in the rich blend
of events, architecture, culture and food =(

So for the 1st time

I would hope i would get this opportunity from Nuffnang
so that i could enjoy myself
and enjoy what Singapore has to offer =)

I would love to experience of course:
The Arts, Cultures & Architecture of Singapore

as my life is deeply involved in Architecture & Design
as i love to design new things for my house
and this will give me new ideas on what upcoming things i will design

& of course my life revolves around Performing Arts & Culture
I'm always influenced by the arts side
as Dance and Music is my passion in life
This will enable me to open my eyes to the Arts of Singapore

and most importantly:
as I'm a hospitality student..
learning and indulging in new types and unique cuisines
is one of the best things that i enjoy in my life

As Singapore is rich in this
i would be able to learn and experience Great tasting food
which is pride of Singapore=)

So if i were to be able to get this opportunity to go to Singapore
It'll be a dream come true as i would be able to experience
so many new things
*cross fingers*

So if i were to be able to go
and i would to plan my itinerary

It would choose to plan a Sunday's itinerary

1 day is not enough!!!
as i like a slow and peaceful vacation =)

so anyways

I would start my day at

as i'm a heavy sleeper
and my 1st destination would be:

City Harvest is one of the biggest church
in Singapore
And expo is used for most of their services

City Harvest Church comprises of more than 27,000 members
and is continuing to grow
This church is a mega church

i can't find a better way of starting the day
then coming here!

and the best part is
Maybe i'll get lucky
and will be able to meet up people like:
(Taiwan Actor & Singer.. Acted in Intial D & Kung Fu Dunk)
in one of the services

HAHA *dream on Sam*

as City Harvest Church is known to have many taiwan celebrities

such as: FIR, Liu Ge Hong, Jay Chou, Milk, Wing

and the most important woman:

(which is Pastor Kong Hee's Wife btw)

tell me what more can i do to start up my day
when i have such an awesome start at City Harvest?


The Service ends about 12 pm
and to continue my day...
i would give about 1 hour
for lunch and transportation time

1 PM

my 2nd stop for the day would be:
The attractions at the Singapore zoo

I would want to go to the Zoo
as its been about 10 years since I've stepped foot
into a Zoo

and of course
Singapore Zoo has always got good feedbacks and remarks
from the society
and i would be able to enjoy the performances and showcases
done by the animals =)

So i guess that would be the place i would like to step to 1st
as I love animals too =)

I would allocate a time of 3 hours for the zoo
and another 30 minutes for tranpsortation


i would head over to the
I'm a guy who likes peace and nature

i would rather go to somewhere where i have peace in mind
compared to drinking at a club =)

So i would plan to have an Early dinner picnic style
at botanical gardens
while enjoying the breeze and nature at its own place=)

I would spend approximately 1 hour at botanical gardens


I would head over to
Bugis Street
yes many would ask


well somehow i went there once
and the shopping there was worth the money
and i'm able to buy products for myself
and also souvenirs for my friends back home =)

and after Bugis i would be heading over to Orchard Road
Everyone knows that Orchard is a shopaholics dream

and me myself am a shopaholic =X
so this would be a great place for me to get items that i want =)

Orchard is only a few stops away from Bugis
Via Train
so i dont really find it a problem to me =)

I would spend approximately 3 hours shopping at Bugis & Orchard


I would definitely head to the main attraction of Singapore
The Merlion

Singapore has always been revolved around the Merlion
and this would be a great opportunity
to see it at night
as it seems so beautiful =)

*i've never seen it until now*


My last stop would be:
Geylang Road!

yes i can imagine whats going through all your minds!
but seriously
i don't intend to do "those kinda stuff"
over there

Why Geylang?

because i would wanna get Supper =)
I've forgot the names of the shops over there
but 1 things for sure
i would like to get:
a plate of mouth drooling beef kuay teow

and as for dessert:
Soya Bean and Yeow Char Kuay
(sorry i'm a banana and i don't know how to spell it)

This two are my favourite delicacies at Geylang
and would die to eat this two over there!

and that will conclude the night
and will head back to the hotel for a good nights rest

That would be my dream itinerary
for a day in Singapore
and would hope i would be given this opportunity to go there!

so to conclude this post
i would like to say...
Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!



HitoMi Ng said…
whoa, what is this about wei, any prize??
Samuel C said…
erm just for the sg blog awards lol