Digi B'day Bash @ Barcelona

As for those who didn't make it
You really missed a lot!!!!

Digi B'day bash was held at Barcelona
on the 3rd of Oct
tickets were priced at RM30

Alcohol was on free flow that night!
(wow your RM30 covered so much?)
and there were so many prizes to be won!

so the day started up early about 6
as the bloggers met up at Papa Rich @ Pyramid
we had our dinner there
and of course
we celebrated Someones b'day! =D
A number of phones
Celebrated Jackie's b'day!
Group pictures at Papa Rich
Me and Pui Yeng

comparing whose tongue is longer lol =)

headed for a DDR & Para-para session
but sorry no pics on that..
mostly with jeffro

so anyways after the dance session
we were all sweaty and stuff
and we headed over to barcelona
as the event was gonna start
Me & Amanda
There was a walk in by the drum & dance crew
Clockwise from top
The Opening Act
*percussions with dancing*
The dancers

soon after the opening act
the emcees came up
which were:
Liang and Honey Madu

they introduced a series of games
as there were many prizes to be won

so one of the things that happened was:
a lap dancing session
Jeremy lap dancing on Amanda & Jacq

believe me when i say the prizes are good...
its DAMN good!

The two top guys got playboy perfume
Amanda & Jacq got rimmel make up set
Jeremy managed to get an ODM watch worth RM300
Dusty and I managed to get a tropicana life bottle and cap
Dusty's and My Yellow dick!

so as the event continued
there was also a series of camwhoring happening everywhere
Clockwise from top:
June, Victoria, Me
Ying Zi and I
Cheers Everyone!
*Pui Yeng, Hitomi, Yu Liang, Xiang*
look how red she is after a few glasses of alcohol
Joey G and I
Performance by FRIENDS
some chinese boy group

so as the event continued
the main prize to be won was
a trip to Indonesia worth RM6000
transport and accomodation
fully paid for 4 people!!
Everyone was supposed to try collect as many chips as possible
and those with a lot of chips were invited up stage
where they had to choose a number between 1-100
and if they chose the correct number
that person would win the grand prize!

so after countless tries..
finally the grand prize winner appeared
which is:
Congrats man!

The event continued with:
Joey G mixing up songs for the event

honestly i felt this ain't one of his best days
as the music he mixed wasn't as nice
as what he used to do
Camwhoring again
Evon and I
she's so pretty aint she? xD
Ying Zi's WTH moment
Zoey and I

We had a last dance off in front of Barcelona
Jeremy initiated it
and yeah..bout 3 of us dancing stupidly to the crowd =)
Jeremy Freestyling
3 of us dancing our feet off
the carpet was so slippery i slipped=.=
The last dance
mostly bout my flexibility lol wtfff

after the event
most of the bloggers
joined our "yum char session"
at Asia Cafe
There were about 20-30 bloggers? haha

so anyways it was a really happening night
many of us bagged really good prizes
and it was a night to remember!



Jacquelyn Ho said…
hahaha. the lapdance wtf. eh u should post up the one where u lapdanced jeremy laaa!

manda n i got rimmel make up set btw, not perfumes lol

nice coverage!
Jeffro said…
I completely disappeared from the scenes of DUBB.. O_O like i wasnt even there! Awesome.. Then i can have like a secret coverage..

*puts on spy mask*
Ying Zi said…
Oh man,I hate you ! That picture of me opening the toilet door! Meanie!
HitoMi Ng said…
haha, no wonder she WTH..you so noty...learn from jackie eh?
weijie said…
nice event yo ! hahaha . :D
Stephen said…
OMG!! Can't wait for you guys to come to Singapore. (:
Victoria said…
aww~ too bad YZ din avoid at the right time!!
Samuel C said…
Jac: lol i dont have that video...haha =X

Jeff: yeah u did haha..bet u went flinging with other guys ah? CHEATER! lol

Ying Zi: ahhh learnt this from JEss & Jackie lol

Serge: thx =D

Hitomi: hehe yeah

Weijie: yeah u didn't see behind the scenes =P

Stephen: yeah if we're given the chance =)

Vic: lol u know i kept it for myself lol
Victoria said…
hahahaha!*wth face*
stephy-nie said…
wth! lap dance! :O i should've been there also lah XD sad. and i saw the pic of you kissing someone! :O scandalous! XD