Trip to the City & Kings park

As everyone knows that I'm at Australia

Me, Jon, Rach and Esther
are hanging out a lot
at nearly every place that we are accessible to

so as for Saturday,
My trip are to the city & Kings Park

1 thing i love about aussie
The public transport is super efficient
and on time *unlike malaysia*
but the only thing i hate

Its not like Rapid KL which only cost like RM1 per day
transportation here can kill as i use about 3-7 dollars a day

so anyways heres the pics on my trip:
*Enlarge them if you wanna read or anything*
headed down to the city by bus
Double or nothing!
those caught without valid tickets
will be fined about 100 AUD
awesome lol
The Trains at Perth that were built about 2 years ago
just imagine handicap people...
they even got protection from the rain

in their wheel chairs!=D
in the city
Rachel, Esther, Me Jon
Scenaries from Kings Park
the trees in the 1st picture were planted in the 1800's
being crazy as usual

Jon being crazy
at one of the main balconies overlooking everything
I love this pic
as they say...a picture is worth a thousand words
The Wishing Well by the Rotary Club
Climbing around eucalyptus trees
OMG Rachel still can cheer =D

Vulcanz moto:
once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader,
if you can't beat em, join em!
SHIOKKK!!! haha
A memorial for those who were lost in WW2
one of the gardens

so anyways

we headed back for dinner &
We Headed over to the city again
as Jon wanted to go to the Casino
and I wanted to check out the clubs

I was rather disappointed in as...

"mate you can't go in with those shoes"

aihseh...guess the rules here are much stricter
so we headed over to the casino
OMG!! Too much PDA
Jon Managed to win 50 AUD and i lost 20 AUD =.=

*lesson to Sam...DONT GAMBLE*
this is the best part

we were heading back about 6 in the morning
and it started to rain
we were wet and the temperature that morning was about 8 degrees
imagine how cold is that?

as we were waiting for the train
we headed to the washrooms
as thats the only place that is warm
and as usual..Me and Jon do stooopid things
such as



and furthermore,
the ticketing machine wasn't working
and we were like scared of the 100 AUD fine as the
"double or nothing" says

but somehow we managed to get back home
and we were all crowding near the heater haha

Shall update on the port soon=)