My last day at perth & Camwhoring with Kangaroos

To complete my final post on Aussie

I've been hanging around different uni's
just checking on the campuses and stuff
and one thing for sure

Australian Universities pawn Malaysian Universities
hands down

campuses are massive
plenty of facilities
and the main thing for me
the cafeteria food is good hahaa
well thats what you get for the amount you pay

so starting up:

Murdoche University

only a few pics..

and that door is an automatic sliding door for da toilet

Curtin University

Its the largest Uni in Western Australiaone of the Entrance to the UniThe New chemistry lab and around da uniThe front view of the Uni and its StadiumAwesome Motorcycles at the uni too hahaa

University of Western Australia (UWA)

Its the oldest University In Western Australia

and i find it very historical

especially the building designs

The Clock tower and buildingsThe Museum in the universityBelieve it or not...there are 7 libraries if i'm not mistaken

and plenty of ovals around the Uni

Well i would love to study there

but sadly financials are pretty tight for me =S

so anyways continuing this post..

Day 7

I hung out with Jervynna, Brenda and Li Wei

I headed over with Jervynna to Brenda's house

and we headed over to Subiaco for dinner

and had a long walk and talk here and there

it was really nice as we got to know each other a lot more =)Flowers
Waiting at the train station to Subiaco
Subiaco houses Graffiti at the side walks..isn't this awesome?

Day 8

Jon and I took a 2 hour bus ride

to the outskirts of Perth

to Caversham wildlife park at Lord Street

Its a petting zoo also as you can pet certain animals

And one of my main reasons i came to Aussie

is to see a Koala and a Kangaroo =D Clockwise from top left
Wombat, Python, Pepper the pig (fat ass), Lama
A Goat cock stared me haha
Clockwise from left:
Goat, Lamb, Billy, Deer
Donkey HEE HAW
The black swan is one of the main attractions here
The other animals
The Lazy Koalas which sleep about 20 hours a day
and of course the kangaroos

They're scary as they come in groups as you feed them
and the big ones are really greedy

and the best part is:
I taught a Kangaroo how to camwhore hahahaaa =D
*Master of camwhoring* xD

There are also interactive shows for the visitors
at Mollys Farm
with exhibits such as:
Sheering a Sheep Session & Feeding the lambs
Milking Cow sessions

Its really a good experience for about $22
a must if you visit Perth

Day 9

Headed over to Mandurah
with Kar Kiat and Jervynna

Mandurah is a small port
and also is very famous for crabbing
but too bad this wasn't the crabbing season
so we just came for the awesome food over here
The sea
The Miami Bake House Cafe
Its recognized as Western Australia's most awarded Bakery
As for us
Jervynna had the Seafood Pie
Kiat had the Kidney Pie (doesn't suit many ppls taste buds)
and I had the Stockmans pie
which contained the meat from a Emu, Camel and Kangaroo
Simmo's Ice Cream

The ice creams here are to die for
its much better compared to baskins
priced at $4.40 for one scoop and $6.60 for 2 scoops

so later that day
Me and Jervynna headed for Cell Group

yes i went for cell group
is there a problem?

Everything was great...
the worship..the games..the bible study
was good =)

and i made plenty of new friends over there
such as:
Ms Tiffany.
She is a Salsa Dancer

*RAWR* HOT *drools* lol..
*over dramatic*

We headed to pick up
Kar Kiat and Brenda that night after Cell group
as we were having a drinking session at Jervynna's home
as it was my last night in Perth

As all of us were hungry
we headed over to McD Drive through

there were 2 guys walkin through the drive through lane
and ordered their food eventhough they had no car
its pretty random as they were also taking pictures of themselves

and for us..
We just had to join em! hahahaa

In front of the counter of McD's drive through

We headed over to Jervynna's house
and we had a couple of drinks
and we watched free willy

Camwhoring around

Kar Kiat and Jer were the first to sleep
So it was left me and brenda watching Free willy haha

I didn't sleep as i was scared i'll wake up late to catch my flight and waking Jervynna up was super hard

watch the video for Kar Kiats Attempts:

so about 4am in the morning
Jervynna drove us down to the airport
we had the last morning together
and we had our long talks
and the best part is..
we saw a guy giving air kisses to his whole family like 3 times a person

so Brenda and her awesome idea says..
We have to Air kiss like 5 times each person lol
so yeah we exchange kisses and hugs
and i flew back to Malaysia

So now i'm currently back in Malaysia
enjoying the holidays before my College starts =)
Chocolates anyone? hahaa



Victoria said…
*overdramatic wtf*

The kangaroo thing is farny okay~ LOL
TheJessicat said…
yay sammie ur back! haha
btw, omg the kangaroos were adorable. cant believe this is really australia in the flesh!with the sheep dingos koalas donkeys n wotever. u saw it in person. happy for u! *hugs*
btw keep a dark chocolate for meeeeeeeee :)
Eric said…
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if you're interested, send me your name and contact number to my email at or contact me on twitter @ericyong77

thank you!
Samuel C said…
Victoria: haha elmo is for someone special =) yeah i'm overdramatic lol wth hahaa

Jess: hehe yeah i still can't believe i went there just to chill =)
hehe alright..shall do but i'm not sure on when the chocs expire though hahaa

Eric: alright will do soon
Shuwen said…
LOL ! the donkey's teeth are creeeepyyy. Perth sounds funn :D
Samuel C said…
Shu Wen: yeah it is was freaking dirty...well most ppl say its not as fun as sydney or melbourne...but its how you wanna make your trip up actually hahaa =)
Brenda W. said…
omg i sound so annoying in the video!!! hahahahaha.
Samuel C said…
haha now you know =P lol
wen pink said…
LOL that kangaroo was really looking into the camera!! WELL DONE!! hahha nice picsss!
Unknown said…
eh i wan chocolates!!! XD RAWR
Sarah said…
SAM :D How much did you pay for the air ticket to Perth? How early did you book in advance, can let me know? Thanks a lot :)
Samuel C said…
wen: hehe yeah xD he saje camwhore with me

manda: okay okay =)

sarah: erm 700 for the flight =) about 1 month in advance