Guinness Stout has been alive for 250 years
and in conjunction of its anniversary
Guinness celebrated it by having Arthurs Day around the world
and its last stop is in MALAYSIA!

Arthurs day comprised of various performances
by local and international artiste

Tickets were sold for bout RM100+
but the best part is
courtesy of Pik Yie
she had a pair of free tix so she gave one to me =)

Thanks so much darl =) *loves*

The day started with pickin her up
and meeting up with some of our friends at McD's
Julian, Pik Yie, Me, Vaanan, Wendy & Mervyn

we headed off after dinner to Sunway lagoon
and the crowd was so big eventhough it was only 7.30pm
but still we just got through and we wandered around
all the exhibitions that guinness has made
Our tickets =)
The Entrance of Sunway Lagoon
The Gift shop & the entrance to the surf beach
Us with one of the backdrops
Julian with Arthur
The Historical Walkway of Guinnss
Pik Yie and I with another backdrop
The black Eye pea's backdrop
The Vip Lounge, The tavern, The Gravity Bar
The Tavern which sells Guinness pints for RM10!


TO ARTHUR for such cheap beers!!

imagine if:
A guy has two dicks

Wow...double penetration during sex
WTFFF!!!! lol =.=
Random shots with Pik Yie, Guinness Girl at the tavern
The Stage

The local Artist are:

Reshmonu, Joe Flizzow & Danny One

International Artiste:

Mc Hotdog

& of course

the best International Artiste for all

the performances is none other than the:

Black Eye Peas!

Black Eye Peas performance

the event ended bout 12pm with Lots of Fireworks
but didn't get to record it
as i was heading out before the jam starts
well thats all for Arthurs day!

Everyone shout:

The last pictures of the day:
Tzia Tzia, Haruka, Adele & Zues

and special thanks to:
Pik Yie =)



Janice said…
seems lik much much fun!
§pinzer said…
ooooh you guys are all there also! the crowd so big everyone probably missed each other XD
Kennee said…
Wow... so jeles... i din get to go...
Samuel C said…
Janice: yeah it was =) but only the ending for me haha

Spinzer: yeah it was hell big hahaa...nvm la next time can see each other =D

Kennee: ahh why didn't u go? well this is the 4th time BEP came down...guess there is a 5th coming up =)
Ken Wooi said…
haha cool..
you must have had enjoyed it!
i never been to such events before.. =P
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
nice nice..omg..its great to be able to sea BEP live. I love Fergie very much~!
Tony Wan said…
WTF WTF WTF I missed that event WTF.

So nice that u can attend a party in BLACK attire LOL. Oh WTF Black Eyed Pea WTF.

Why would I missed that ? WTF
whoa lao.. i damn long din see julian cheong lioa..
Twinkle said…
Arthur's day... i miss the event....
Samuel C said…
kenwooi: why dont u go next time? xD

Nicole: hehe yeah xD she was awesome lol

Tony Wan: you didn't know? O.o sadd =(

Yu liang: its my 1st time meeting him that day =)

Laymin: awwwh =( next time la..they should come down the 5th time soon lol