Outing with nuffnangers to pyramid

This gathering was done pretty last minute
but still
the numbers of ppl that came were awesome=)
and the ppl that came were:
Jeffro , Amanda , Kai Chi , Jessica , Angel , Xiang , Jeremy , Bernard, Evelyn, Jonathan , Jamie

We met up about 12.30+ at Pyramid
but some came much later as they were either
Sleeping or KTV-ing haha=)

We headed off to Carls Junior for lunch
and we crammed there for about 2 hours? lol =)
talking bout practically bullshit hahaa
Carls Juniors
Group pic

This outing wasn't planned very well
so Me, Jeffro & Jamie decided to skate
while the rest went shopping and to the arcade

Not very good planning by
Amanda & Angel hahaa
Me Jeffo & Jamie at the skating rink

so after our skating, arcading and shopping

we met up at asian avenue
as there is one thing that we JUST HAD TO DO

which is:
TO PLAY DDR, Para Para and Drums!
Jess & I on the DDR machine
*karated like hell*
Para Para Paradise

we headed over to Pied Pippers for dinner
after sweating out our entire bodies
from the crazy games

We had awesome food &
a jug of beer was only RM33 NETT!!

couldn't resist and shared a jug with Xiang & Jeremy
Jeffro, Angel, Me, Jessica
Shorty ur my angel..you're my darling angell..XD
Jessica and I

*random fact*
Jessica has a FLASH fettish xD hahaha
get what i mean? hahaaa
Pastas, Chicken Chop & Cheese Cake
Xiang, Angel, Jeffro, Me, Jessica

and the famous fish eye lens of Jeremy as our last picture=)

can't wait for the next outing =D



Victoria said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAH Jess jie looks abit retard there wtfark! LOL
AngelKein♥ said…
i see my picturesss. XD
Ying Zi said…
Jess always funny de la! That time suzuku there,jackie take picture her face also inside,damn funny!
HitoMi Ng said…
so much fun!! why nobody tell me one??
stephy-nie said…
lol lol. so fun go outing~~~ eat nice nice food sumore.. XD
Anonymous said…
Wah! So many Bloggers. Can I join next time?
Unknown said…
yerr....tak ajak me T_T
aik~! This is the outing that Angelkein been talkin bout! AHHH! seem really fun :(
Samuel C said…
Vox: lol she is not =) hahaha...just dumb =P

Angel: Awesome photographers dont need photoshop lol HAHAHAAA

Ying Zhi: of course she is =) shall c u at barcelona =)

Hitomi,Josh & Samantha: next time ajak u all also aite?

Stephy-nie & Nicholas: yeah it was an awesome day =)
HitoMi Ng said…
that is more like it ^^