Beers & Making out on escalators

Starting up:
I've gotten myself a new hair do

Went for a haircut..
Dyed my hair dark brown
(to cover all the grey and white hairs)
and highlighted my fringe

What do i look like now?

anyways been having a lot of night outs lately
spending time with many of my college mates
as we're finally over with our Industrial Trainings
and as i'm back from Aussie =)

So the night started out with
Me, Yin Ying, Wei ling, Jay, Mervyn, Joshua & Nicholas
going to murni's for our so called "Dinner"
at 10pm

For some of them
this is their first time here
and Joshua was so jakun on the menu
such as the
Roti dinosaur..
Roti beckham
and many more
Jay, Me, Yin Ying, Wei Ling

So after our dinner
we headed over to Brussels Beer Cafe
at Jaya One
as all of us are alcohol drinkers except ying
and to catch up with bullshit from everywhere xD

Brussels is the only place in Malaysia
which sells selected imported beers
that can't be found anywhere else

Prices of beer start from RM14 a 1/2 pint
Our beers that consisted of Hoegarden,
Timmermans & Stella Artois
Wei Ling & Yin Ying
Yin Ying, Me, Wei Ling, Jay, Mervyn, Nicholas, Josh

after the beers
I had to send everyone back
as most had curfues

and it was only left Me and Jay
after random thoughts

we headed off to Sanctuary
to find my bestie Eunice
as she has just came back from Maison

so we had more beers at Sanctuary
and we were getting crazy the whole night
Eunice, Me, Jay
Getting Crazy
Ever heard of making out on the escalators?
This is a whole new level! lol
*nothing happened btw*
as she is my bestie lol

we headed off to McD's Centrepoint
getting a few drinks to make us sober again
And Me and Eunice started to Emo
all over again
as yeah...we're single

we headed back around 5+
and crashed at my place
as it was late

and we woke up:
as cool as ever HAHAAHA

Random fact of the day:
Me and Eunice use the same perfume!
with the difference
its only for Men & Women



Jervynna said…
ehh ur tongue very long leh. hahaha.. like cicak.
Samuel C said…
haha tell me bout it..
i didn't realize bout it too lol

imagine kissing me lol wtf! hahaaa
Viya said…
Wow! you guys were really crazy at the night out, huh? ^^
Samuel C said…
haha yeah it was one crazy non stop alcohol drinking night =)