Salsaing to the Best F&C in Australia

This is quite unexpected
as I came here for a holiday
soon to find out i was at Salsa Class

Esther's Church is having a dance performance on the following sunday
that comprises of dances of Locking, Popping, Salsa, & Hip Hop

I was just there to see Jon and Esther practise
and unexpectedly
I joined the dance and partnered Sabrina
Sabrina is a cute little girl from the Phillipines
and she is awesome at ballet

so anyways i learnt the dance with Sabrina
and managed to keep up with the steps as it was really fast
and my legs are so rusty after a few years of not dancing

but too bad..i wont be here for the performance
so yeah...wont be able to see it =(

so anyways this are the photos of the dancers:
Group picture
Jon fell sick with a fever and flu..

anyways he was totally fine the next day hahaa
after eating some so called
"Halucinating Fever Medicine"

so anyways the following day
We headed out to Freemantle Port

it is a Fishing Port
where you can get the freshest Beers & Seafood
So i'll let the pictures say the rest =)
Freemantle Port & Beer Brewery
At the Beer Cafe

A draft beer would cost about $5 and $8-9 for a pint
wines range from $7 a glass onwards
and the food smelled fantastic
*dont ask the price anyway..too much for me to afford*
Shops & Tramps
The Jetty
The Port & Sea
We had Lunch at Cicerelles

This is the
Fish & Chip legend in all Western Australia (WA) Perth

Number 1 in WA Perth F&C WOOHOOO
and it has really good and fresh seafood to be ordered

If you're wondering whats the pic with the round thing..
Its actually a buzzer that indicates that your food is ready to be picked up
Nearly every restaurant here has that

awesome huh? =)
from the top right
Spicy Crumbled Fish & Chips Seafood Tray Traditional Fish & Chips

so yeah i'll give a thumbs up for this restaurant..
Prices of food starts from $12 for F&C
Around the railway station
The StreetsA Fairy Statue Street performer

A Dancing Street performer
Freemantle Market
its exactly the same as Central Market at KL
which sells relatively reasonable stuff
The Maritime Museum
Jumping around at the park

Thats all for this trip

shall update more soon=)



Jennifer Chow said…
Heys Sam ! I'm glad you are having fun ! I miss that place so much ! Especially the fish n chips at freemantle port where you can feed the seagulls the chip. haha ! have a great time yea ! gotta hang out and talk about it when u get back !
Samuel C said…
hehe of course =)

shall see you soon hahaa