Merdeka @ mist club and Serge's scandal

Well its the 52nd Merdeka Day
(Independence day for Malaysia)
but the sad thing bout this year is
That there are no big gatherings
or much fireworks

H1N1 is on the loose
and the government has stopped all this celebrations for going on
but as for Mist Club
there was a Hip Hop event
and Nuffnangers were invited for this event
with a free drink each =D

well it wasnt a very happening party as it was rather boring for us
but the 4 free drinks were good enough for me =)

so Me, Suresh, Samantha, Jamie & Dip (suresh couz)
had our dinner at McD Bangsar
and headed over to Mist club
about 9.45pm
as we reached the place

it was totally empty
i mean...wheres the party yall??
The Empty Club
Entrance, collection of tickets & UV logo chopped on us
Tickets to the event

and if anyone was scared of
H1N1 in the club..

there was also:
a checking of temperature before you get in

so i guess prevention of H1N1 was bout 99%? haha

so as we entered the club

this were the main lightings of the club
Beautifull XD
and we got a table for ourselves =)

this are the pics of the peeps i hanged out with
Tania Marie my collegemate
Old schoolmates
Suresh, Me, Joshua Law
Samantha, Jamie, Me
and this are the effects after they took a few shots

so as this is a Hip Hop Party

there were also performances by local celebs, singapore rappers,
dancers and DJ Cash Money
Local Celebs
Singapore Rappers Slim & ???
the dancers
The party ended about 3am

last but not least:
Scandalous Dusty with Sam!!!