Johan's Open house

As the puasa month has ended
Hari Raya has arrived

This is my 1st time in 8 years that i'm going for an open house
lol that shows how little malay friends i have =(

Johann invited me for his grandmom's
open house at ampang
yet to realise...
the grandmom is like neighbours with all the
ambassadors =.=
Awesome stuff dei lol

The dessert area

The Tents
Me, Jay, Illani, Megat, Megat
Jay being stupid
Evon being high
Emo-ing haha
Johann balding lol!
Illani an I at the 2nd living room
Seeing all the old pictures..
Johann, Evon, Jay and I on the balcony
The guys with Evon

she was wearing a kebaya lol!
Last pic of the day=)

Selamat Hari Raya Peeps!

Credits to Johann for some of the photos



zool said…
First time ke sini...
Lain kali jemputlah blogger ramai2..
mesti ramai yang datang