Genting With Bloggers

Some of us bloggers
which are

decided to make a trip
up to Genting
just to chill out
and relax over there

Initial plan was to go up by bus
but somehow
Amanda & Jeremy took the bus
Jeffro and I drove up with the rest in our cars

Jeff and I reached Genting
like 10am in the morning
We headed around for quite some time
looking at scenaries and places to stay
as we were waiting for Jeremy and Amanda
and we didn't reserve a booking
and all the hotels were fully booked

The View
Me, Jeffro, Alex
Xiang, Jacquelyn, Me
At Ria Apartments

We waited and waited and waited
and Amanda and Jeremy only arrived
at 1pm+

lol thats like 3 hours late!

so after meeting up we just walked around
as the theme park was really packed
and it would be a waste of time to just go in

so after moments of thinking
we headed for rock climbing
As usual...
the guys reached like
3/4 of the wall
while the girls..
about 1/4 haha

Amanda was stuck at one spot for about 5 minutes HAHAA =P

so after all of that crap


Jacquelyn's Aunt
managed to get us a club room
at First world hotel

YIPPEE for Jac's Aunt!

we checked in and we headed for our room
we got the room on the highest floor
and it was quite big for RM200 =)
The Bathroom lol
The Room

we chilled around the room till night
and we headed off for dinner at the staff restaurant
lol we are "on budget tourist"

and we decided to go for long walks after that
and did some stupid and crazy stuff such as:
Climbing signboards wth?
Posing around
Jumping around
Cupid-ing around lol

we headed back to the hotel room
as it started to drizzle

Amanda, Jeremy and Jacquelyn headed to Starbucks
to study and finish some assignments
Alex, Xiang, Jeffro and I stayed in the hotel room
playing drinking games

we managed to finish 1/2 bottle of rum in 30 minutes lol
and after that 30 minutes
we were high! haha
and headed down to starbucks to scare the rest
My eyes are freaking red =.=

and at starbucks..
there was this cute little indonesian girl
who started playing with me through the window
and playing with the rest after that
and we became one happy family hahaa =)

we headed back to the room
and all of us tried to finish the bottle of rum
but failed as 1 by 1 started to ko and get high..
leaving us all sleeping around the room

We woke up the next morning
and just decided to camwhore the last pictures in the room

we headed to the Mushroom park
but some how =.=
my sense of direction was terrible
leading me to the road downhill

so we ended up in Gohtong Jaya
but oh wells
we had our lunch there
and managed to eat the
Awesome Durian Ice cream
and puffs and tarts =D
Lunch & Durian ice Cream

We headed back after lunch
and it was a really memorable trip =)

Next trip! LANGKAWI!!! xD



Jeffro said…
MMm.. durian! :D
yeah la wth bad sense of direction.. :P
Ying Zi said…
OMG! It look so fun!!!
Kristin said…
Climbing the signboard is really crazzzeee! LOL.
Samuel C said…
Jeffro: hell eyeah hahaaaa

Ying Zi: yeah it was hehe =)

Kristin: haha we climbed up the monorail tracks actually lol =S wonder wheres those photos ony