Final Destination premiere & Nigel is not GAY!!

Courtesy of Nuffnang
I got tickets to the premiere of Final Destination 4

Movie wise...its Final Destination
always full of blood
and no story line as usual
and no happy ending

Rating: 4/10

its not to say a good movie to watch at cinema
just buy a DVD hahaa

The day started off with eatin our dinner
at McDonalds at 1 utama
with the bloggers

and Thanks Wen Pink for buying me dinner =D
Group pic at McD

so after dinner
we headed up to the cinema to collect our tix

we were kinda late so we got like 1st row seats
but thats what you'll get for collecting your tickets late

but somehow
Robb was kind enough to exchange our tix
for middle row and back row seats
and we didn't need to strain our necks =)
Tix to the premiere
Me and my Darling Eunice
love this photo!
Priscilla and Eric for their 1st premiere

well after the movie
we headed off to Banana Leaf at Centre point
had lotsa laughs
and Shaz of X-Fresh joined us
nice meeting an important person =D

and the best part is...
Zoey's friend gave us DURIAN ICE CREAM!!
Banana Leaf with bloggers

well last but not least in this post:



Jeffro said…
I think it's a conspiracy!
Nigel's gay, Jen is a cover up..
If i find out that's true, im going after jen! :P
Jackie said…
fuah..jeffro u can approach me in person..coz jen is my friend XD>.hahaha
Lyle Gogh said…
how sure are you nigel is not gay and that girl might not be something else?
Samuel C said…
Jeffro: lol yeah maybe he paid her =X lol

Jackie: lol wth? hahahaa

Serge: lol i think he chose the right path now hahaa no more gay scandals for us
HitoMi Ng said…
haha, jen, I dun know she is the jen who always drop by my blog lol