Ducking a Rare Kawasaki

I've been able to get the chance to feed the ducks
at a nearby pond

one great thing about WA Perth..
There are plenty of parks and ponds with wild life
so i don't really need to go to the zoo or what soever for now haha
but sure will as i wanna see kangaroos and koala bears

So we headed off to Annie's house
Annie is Esther's ex housemate from China
and as we visited her
we got some bread
and we headed off to the pond nearbyAnnie, Me, Jon, Esther
At the park

Jon's 1st reaction to the birds hahaposing around

The ducks fightin for food
Me, Annie, Jon, Esther

Being crazy after ducking

So anyways
I've also met up with Kar Kiat, Brenda & Jervynna
at the City

and we had an awesome time walking around
and we were able to enjoy:
Gelare Cafe's Waffles
its totally fantastic
and its always half price on tuesdays!
Yay me!
*sound so bimbotic*
London Court
Brenda, Me, Jervynna at Eye on Perth
Camwhoring around
A few places we visited
open bigger to see the'll understand
Brenda and I grabbing a bubble tea

apparently bubble tea here is realy popular
and it also comes in either Green/black tea
and it cost like $4 a cup
expensive man lol
At the train station before we left
Sakura Flowers

who says you only get to see em in japan? HAHA
Guess whos this?

For those of SMK SS 17..

This is Jonathan =D Matthews Innocent twin
doesn't he look so different now?
such a coincidence to bump into him here

and last but not least for this post:
Kar Kiat's Rare Kawasaki
you can never find this in Malaysia i think



Jervynna said…
u look at my name from ur hand right? clever!!
hi said…
Wow. $4 for bubble tea?
Samuel C said…
Jer: lol no XD hahaha

Stephen: yeah its like the same price as malaysia...cacated leh lol