1st day down under

Headed down to Perth, Australia
with Jonathan Looi

well this is my 1st time ever in my life that i'm flying on a plane
so yeah
i got a flight with Air Asia X
as the rates were cheap

why am i doing this?
as i have nothing else to do hahaa!!
Jon and Me at LCCT Terminal

we took a night flight
and we left LCCT about12am
and reached Perth about 5am

The flight had about 3 hours of turbulance
but somehow i managed to withstand it

but finally
i puked when the plane was landing
wth!!! =S

my first flight..
my first time to a country besides singapore
and the first time i puked in a plane...

so anyways..
We reached perth airport
and we took a taxi to Esthers place

The taxi driver was a nigerian
and he became jon's best friend
they talked all the way
and the total damage

50 AUD =(

i'm on a tight budget so yeah i try not to spend unnecessary

Australia has just reached spring
but its still freaking cold =(
when we arrived it was about 10 degrees?
afternoon was bout 16 and night about 12
argh...i'm so gonna shiver
This is my host Esther
and her house =)
love you babe

we unpacked our stuff
and we headed over to:
Hungry Jacks

something you'll never find in Malaysia
and the best part is


we headed to a few malls today
did some normal grocery shopping
and a lil shoppin haha

and the best part is:
I got to see Rachel after so long =)

so anyways to end this post:
this is my pillow esther gave me to sleep with
lol =)

i'll update soon