Ups and Downs

my life has been going up and down

emotional swings come and go everytime
i pms worse than a girl at times
and also lots of problems have been coming up

and it always involves LCDS
its really like bad karma on me

1stly as you all know

my laptop has crashed again for the 2nd time
with no display on the LCD
after 3 days of its repair

then my handphone LCD crashed AGAIN
after 4 days of its repair
(LCD no back light)

How pathetic is that?
what other LCDS will crash on me now?

well as there are downs
there are also ups

The ups are:

1: My Industrial Training will end this Sunday
so yeah i wont be working anymore at TGI Fridays
and i have a 3 week break

2: I've got an RM50 sim digi sim pack from Cocacola
as a consolation prize for some competition
the letter + sim pack
the letter

3: I've got Lucky with Hitz.FM to get tickets
for Halloween Premiere on the 3rd of sept
but wont be attending as:

4. I'm leaving for Perth, Australia for a vacation on the 3rd till the 13th

gonna just getaway from everything
just enjoy life as i'll be crashing with Jon, Esther, Rachel and Kar Kiat

As I have extra money i saved up for someone's b'day
but not gonna celebrate it with her anymore

so anyways thats all

for this update

Just hope my luck will keep on getting better

and out of the bad karma!