Up Premiere, Digi Unlimited Music, Boys Like Girls, District 9 Premiere


My lappy top is back from the hospital
with the graphics chip burnt up..
had to change a new one
Total Damage: RM400 =(
so anyways this are the past few events i've been
so...starting up
Up Premiere at Pavilion

which i brought together my childhood friend
Elizabeth Chia Me, Adele and Jackie

so anyways on the movie
its a nice family movie
another great movie by Pixar

Its about a man named Carl
who have always dreamnt of adventure
and at the age of 78
a twist of fate happens to him
when he goes through an adventure
with an 8 year old boy

Rating for the movie: 8/10

all i can say its a very nice movie to watch with your family =)
Carl & Russell
Kevins a girl?

haha u'll understand that quote when you watch it =)

2nd event:

Digi Sneak Peak
Digi Sneak Peak was held in Laundry Bar, Curve
where Digi has officially launched its new
rates and plan for Digi Unlimited Music

for as low as RM5...
you can download all the songs you want for a month=)
Terms & Conditions apply
A Special performance by Caprice at the start of the event The Em-cees
this is a total random shot by Jackie
Me &
Jonathan, Liz, Me, Marie
Group 2
My group during the games session
The winners of the game got awesome headphones Group Picture
Everyone got an All American Rejects CD

after Digi Sneak Peak @ Laundry
we headed over to
Sony Centre at the Curve
as the band
Boys Like Girls
were there to promote their new album
Love Drunk

So as bloggers
we were given the privilage to take pictures of them up close

and anyone who prebooked the new cd
was able to get the bands autographs
The Que
Martin Johnson
"My pen is out of ink!?!?"
Paul DiGiovanni
Melody was crazy on this guy lol

i didn't get a nice shot of John Keefe...
sobs =(
last but not least
a picture of me with them =)

and the best part is
I didn't even need to album! hahaaa
most of the other bloggers couldn't get thbuy an eir photos with em xD
jealous leh? hahaaa

last but not least
Premiere of District 9
on the same day
District 9
Ticket counter

District 9 is a movie about aliens
staying on earth
but since they are so
humans and aliens cant coexist in the same place

the government established a place for Aliens only
which is District 9

This movie is about a Man
who is turning into an alien
because of his accidental encounter with some alien fluid

Rating: 7/10

some may find this movie quite boring
but also some will find its nice=)

so anyways thats all for this post

next event up:

Orphan Premiere on Tuesday! =)



Melody Ng said…
Hahaha I was wasn't I? I kept saying "omg i didnt know he was so cuteeeee" LOL
Samuel C said…
lol yeah =D you crazy girl =P
going for orphan tomoro? xD