Tell me why i should go clubbing?

Clubbing is always the
"in thing" to do with friends nowadays

which i find really is bullshit sometimes
I used to like clubbing last time
as i was able to dance my heart out
and also just to chill with friends

Eventhough i'm only 19 now..
it seems as if it is not fun anymore
so recently i went to Euphoria with
Simone, Sam and a whole lot of ppl
well i didn't really find that night great as usual

When Euphoria started
it was really a nice club
as it is a non smoking club
and the Dj's use to play good music
and the crowds were good back then

but well i guess that all changes in time right?
well Euphoria kinda sucks for me now already
and most other clubs also suck now =S
with awful music mixes
with overpriced alcohol
and a whole big crowd
with no standards
yeah it officially sucks!

so anyways about the night
i've been group hopping
Simone's group>Vicky's group>Bryan's group>Alice's Group
can't stay still at one place as it got so boring =S

this are the few photos of the night:

Simone my ex dance partner

Darling Vicky with her emo-ness

Vicky-pun and I

love her red eyes =)

it scares the shit out of people hahaa

With a crowd like this and as packed as this

its just a waste of time