The Proposal & Juice Anniversary at MOS

I know i haven't been updating my blog recently
due to the reasons that you all know

Well i'm still trying to get on with life
and am doing it the best that i can

i wanna thank everyone who was giving me support and encouragement
during this time when i was really down

so anyways i wont post anymore EMO post on this matter anymore

so lets continue with this post

It was Friday and the only plan i had
Juice Anniversary Party at MOS
at night

it was such a mother-tooting blardy day
as i had food poisoning in the morning

Well cos of this stupid food poisoning

i had to take an MC

and not go to work..

as you all know i work 6 days a week at TGI Fridays

and this is my 2nd time skipping work cos of my sensitive stomach =S

but the bright side is..i had the day off

so i decided to spend it with Carmen

we headed to Pyramid

and we watched The Proposal

Its a typical love movie
but still it was funny
so we did enjoy ourselves on this movie

Rating: 6/10

so we headed off for dinner after the movie at
Manhattan Fish Market
we had our long chats and we enjoyed a gala platter=)
smiling for the 1st time since a long time
The gala platter

so after dinner i sent her back
and i headed off for
Juice 7th Anniversary
at Euphoria

I was given VIP tickets courtesy of Jessica
it saved me from que-ing up a damn long line
Thx jess =)

The theme for this year is
The future so bright
which is basically Neon and Shades
well i technically dressed very normal
as this wasn't my theme
if you wonder why..
here is it:

i can't pull off any big shades =.= lol

so anyways i met up with Adele, Jacklyn and Yvonne
and we headed inside

well its just mostly photos after this

mostly camwhore ones..

too lazy to take on the event hahaa

The backdrop

how stupid it is...
as i didn't even realize the sign

was pointing at my testicals
=.= WTH =.=""""

As you can see
it was damn packed up like sardines

Howard managed to get a Media Table for us =)

Me and Yvonne

Jacklyn posing

Adele and I
Joshua, Me and Howard
photo credits to Howard

Jacklyn and I
Ah Ren
Lauren and I
Jessicaa XDMe and Jackie
and the ever crazy Simon Seow
Adele and Jessica

so anyways besides that
there were some performances
and also a lot of prizes that were given out
Prizes include:
trips to berjaya langkawi..
Absolut Bottles
Martell bottles
gift certificates to Krispy Kreme
and lots more

This is one of the most interesting performance:
the gayness
Performance by CrunchTime
Winners for bessed dressed
Chris got a limited edition absolut bottle
Simon won the 3rd prize for another game
so anyways the event was alright
and at least i got to chill for a night =)
Thx Jess for giving me the tix =)
and the last pic:
Group pic
courtesy of Zues

Everyone goes:

*inside joke*



TheJessicat said…
i had a great party night
with the theme of future so bright
i led the way for the yumcha session
21 of us, crazy outta the question
and when everyone thinks it's d end
i would say no becos im the man

as i..
(i jizzed in my pants x2)

LOL just some random rap verse i thought of. U guys should really hear the original one. go youtube it :)
Samuel C said…

i ate a grape and i Jizzed in my pants =D
Simon Seow said…
Sigh, I was to honest at the game. If not, I would have won 1st prize.