Murderer Screening and Balls

Courtesy of Miss Amanda
She invited me to watch
the screening of
Murderer 2 days before its release

The movie isn't that nice
as it seems like the "chinese version" of Orphan
Movie Rating: 4/10

The day started when i went to find Amanda at the Curve
we were quite early so we walked around
here and there
and ended up in Ikea as i was wanting to survey the cupboards

and where there are cupboards
there are MIRRORS of course!
*gives another lame reason to camwhore*
Me and Amanda

so anyways
at about 7.45pm
we went to find Jackie, Max, Joshua and Nigel for dinner

and so coincidentally as we were going to the kopitiam at
we bumped into Tian Chad and his friends=)
so we all bummed together and had our dinner together
group photo
Use malaysian Rubber!! hahaa
Nigel, Jackie, Nicole, Tian Chad

so after dinner
we headed up to the cinema to collect the tickets
as we were rather early
we got good seats=)

and as usual

nuffnangers started to camwhore everywhere after that
Amanda, Me, Nigel
Suresh, Wen Pink, Kristine, Joshua
i LOVE this statement!

awesome combo bro!

so after we collected the tix
we had about an hour of ample time
and Kristine Suggested bowling
rather random
but yeah we went up for bowling with balls =D
Group photo at bowling alley
Jackie, Kristine, Max, Joshua

and of course:

Me hahahaa
*photo credits to Zues*

and talking about bowling balls

imagine this:
If testicals were this big..
i wouldn't be able to walk!
This is the last picture of the day

I shall see you at the following events at:

Mist Club on Merdeka's Eve


Final Destination Premiere =)

and i've got 4 tickets to
Halloween 2 premiere on the 3rd =)