I love You Betthh Cooper

I love you Beth Cooper!!

well this movie ain't as good as i expected
i'll probably only give it a 3/10

I headed over to Cineleisure with Carmen
after i finished work
to just chill out and watch a movie
so this movie wasn't as good as expected

but yeah we had lotsa fun after the movie=)
such as:
Camwhoring with the pewter mug
like what i wrote in my previous post
Carmen's so girlish xD
I'm still holding on!!

well we headed over to Ikea
as i needed to buy a stool
and some other random things from there
and ikea has the best mirrors ever
so we couldn't resist
Carmen and I

after buying the stuff i needed
we had dinner at Ikea itself
as the spaghetti meatballs are fantastic
and its been a long time since I ate there
Adorable hahaposerfied

so anyways try to guess the last pics for this post:
Its Ikea Lamps at the cafeteria
its so beauttiffull.. xD
*in love*

i shall update asap
as my pc crashed again =(
so yeah



Unknown said…
the pic of you hugging the mug handle is very nice i got to say. not something you see everyday.lol
Samuel C said…
haha yeah xD
but i didn't post this pic in for the contest as some others has already done it