I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Yeaps up and again
Nuffnang is giving out premiere tickets
for the movie

Final Destination Rest In Pieces

so in order for you to get your hands on this tickets
you have to take a horrified photo of yourself

here goes....
This looks as if a gay is gonna rape me hahaaa

Well so continuing this post

Just imagine this scenario:
Will this happen to me?
I get banged down by a car
Die in the arms of my best friend
and the lady in the car is still make-up-ing in the car without regrets
lol thats a wtf story man lol!

I wouldn't want to rest in pieces like Final Destination
as it would be so cruel and sick
to see myself
waiting for disaster to strike on me
and my blood splattering around on others

I'm only 19 for petes sake...
i still have a long life ahead of me
and i know it'll be painful for myself going through that experience (Dying)
and also my loved ones would be crying for me
and i would either end up in Heaven or Hell
and...erm yeah..
lots more things that would be damn saddening

so conclusion is:

last but not least
the 2nd picture of me being horrified:


Gay people i'm not offending you aite?

I have many Gay friends and we're as cool as ever

but i'm not Gay aite? =)

see you at the premiere!



Jeffro said…
=.=" pink not gay man..

but nice horified picture.. :D
Samuel C said…
=D thx jeffro =)
I guess this post will attract more gay friends to you!! lol ;p
Leon said…
nice photo u have there..=)..

and wearing pink is not gay man..XD..i wear pink and i'm not gay..haha..
Samuel C said…
Chad: haha yeah xD

Leon: haha yeah i know i wear pink too =) just an expression for normal ppl hahaha
Unknown said…
did you know your best friend is smiling in your supposedly dead photo??? LOL
Samuel C said…
haha i have no idea...ask them...lol maybe they are sadistic friends hahaaa