Fishhy fisshy fishhhh

Recently i've been reading
Flame of Recca

finished the whole 329 chapters in a day =.="
no life right? hahaa

i'm being random now
i found this page
where i found it quite funny

Somehow his name is joker

and he could think of fish food =.="

okays contunuing the randomness
after thinkin of fishfood
i felt i wanted to fish
and i headed off to Subang Lake

joshua's not here so i can't fish with him
but nvm screw that
i fished at one of my favourite corners
and i managed to catch 3 Catfish

*not really what i was aiming for*
but well oh yeah i dont care
its still edible=)


Chung, Joshua and Nicholas

lol wtf?? =.="
i'm being so mean lol

Well it looks kinda small in this pics..
but guess the weight?
Chung weighed 3.7kg

Nicholas weighed 1.4kg

and Joshua weighed 1kg

This is the actual size of Chung =D

Jeng Jeng Jeng
its time to slaughter them already =)

it has became another happy fishing day



C.Kiddo said…
Samuel C said…
muhahaha yes =P big fat mother fish lol