Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ups and Downs

my life has been going up and down

emotional swings come and go everytime
i pms worse than a girl at times
and also lots of problems have been coming up

and it always involves LCDS
its really like bad karma on me

1stly as you all know

my laptop has crashed again for the 2nd time
with no display on the LCD
after 3 days of its repair

then my handphone LCD crashed AGAIN
after 4 days of its repair
(LCD no back light)

How pathetic is that?
what other LCDS will crash on me now?

well as there are downs
there are also ups

The ups are:

1: My Industrial Training will end this Sunday
so yeah i wont be working anymore at TGI Fridays
and i have a 3 week break

2: I've got an RM50 sim digi sim pack from Cocacola
as a consolation prize for some competition
the letter + sim pack
the letter

3: I've got Lucky with Hitz.FM to get tickets
for Halloween Premiere on the 3rd of sept
but wont be attending as:

4. I'm leaving for Perth, Australia for a vacation on the 3rd till the 13th

gonna just getaway from everything
just enjoy life as i'll be crashing with Jon, Esther, Rachel and Kar Kiat

As I have extra money i saved up for someone's b'day
but not gonna celebrate it with her anymore

so anyways thats all

for this update

Just hope my luck will keep on getting better

and out of the bad karma!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Murderer Screening and Balls

Courtesy of Miss Amanda
She invited me to watch
the screening of
Murderer 2 days before its release

The movie isn't that nice
as it seems like the "chinese version" of Orphan
Movie Rating: 4/10

The day started when i went to find Amanda at the Curve
we were quite early so we walked around
here and there
and ended up in Ikea as i was wanting to survey the cupboards

and where there are cupboards
there are MIRRORS of course!
*gives another lame reason to camwhore*
Me and Amanda

so anyways
at about 7.45pm
we went to find Jackie, Max, Joshua and Nigel for dinner

and so coincidentally as we were going to the kopitiam at
we bumped into Tian Chad and his friends=)
so we all bummed together and had our dinner together
group photo
Use malaysian Rubber!! hahaa
Nigel, Jackie, Nicole, Tian Chad

so after dinner
we headed up to the cinema to collect the tickets
as we were rather early
we got good seats=)

and as usual

nuffnangers started to camwhore everywhere after that
Amanda, Me, Nigel
Suresh, Wen Pink, Kristine, Joshua
i LOVE this statement!

awesome combo bro!

so after we collected the tix
we had about an hour of ample time
and Kristine Suggested bowling
rather random
but yeah we went up for bowling with balls =D
Group photo at bowling alley
Jackie, Kristine, Max, Joshua

and of course:

Me hahahaa
*photo credits to Zues*

and talking about bowling balls

imagine this:
If testicals were this big..
i wouldn't be able to walk!
This is the last picture of the day

I shall see you at the following events at:

Mist Club on Merdeka's Eve


Final Destination Premiere =)

and i've got 4 tickets to
Halloween 2 premiere on the 3rd =)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love You Betthh Cooper

I love you Beth Cooper!!

well this movie ain't as good as i expected
i'll probably only give it a 3/10

I headed over to Cineleisure with Carmen
after i finished work
to just chill out and watch a movie
so this movie wasn't as good as expected

but yeah we had lotsa fun after the movie=)
such as:
Camwhoring with the pewter mug
like what i wrote in my previous post
Carmen's so girlish xD
I'm still holding on!!

well we headed over to Ikea
as i needed to buy a stool
and some other random things from there
and ikea has the best mirrors ever
so we couldn't resist
Carmen and I

after buying the stuff i needed
we had dinner at Ikea itself
as the spaghetti meatballs are fantastic
and its been a long time since I ate there
Adorable hahaposerfied

so anyways try to guess the last pics for this post:
Its Ikea Lamps at the cafeteria
its so beauttiffull.. xD
*in love*

i shall update asap
as my pc crashed again =(
so yeah


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Olympus camera's up for grabs

Who wants to win Olympus camera's for doing a simple thing?

of course everyone wants one

Royal Selangor is now organizing a contest

to celebrate the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre's 5th Anniversary

The prizes up for grabs are:

Grand prize:
Olympus PEN EP-1 (its a real classic!)

Consolation Prizes:

Olympus µ Tough 6000
Olympus µ 550 WP
Modern Tankard & 4 School of Hard Knocks vouchers x 3 prizes

so so so so

what are you supposed to do?
purchase a royal selangor pewter piece?
beg royal selangor for contest forms?


all you have to do is to snap a picture of yourself with

Royal Selangor's Giant Mug!

It has the height of 1.987 meters
and the weight of 1557kg!

awesome huh?
and the best part is
it is certified as the biggest pewter tanker in the
Guiness Book of Records

For those interested..
you can see the massive tank of pewter and take photos with it
at this places:

18 to 31 August @ The Curve
1 to 14 September @ Gurney Plaza

This contest ends on the 30th of Sept =)

do visit the Contest website which is:

you can either send in your entries by 3 ways which is

Upload your picture at Royal Selangor's Giant mug shot facebook page
(the facebook page is the website above)

Send it Via MMS

remember to insert your particulars:

Drop your entries at any Royal Selangor retail store in Malaysia
or mail it to

Royal Selangor Marketing Sdn Bhd
Giant Mug Shots Photo Contest
4 Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel 03 4145 6000

now guys go and have your fun snapping photos
and trying to win Olympus Cameras!

as i had fun with mine:
With the night so dark and the lights so bright
I'm on top of the world with Royal Selangor's Giant Mug
that takes me to greater heights!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

P no more


I'm no longer a P driver anymore

i've done my 2 years

and now i'm an awesome manual driver with

a new license lol =.=

wth i'm high

my new license..

even the photo is high..hahaha

super happy lol

*this post was written after taking a few shots of rum*


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Yeaps up and again
Nuffnang is giving out premiere tickets
for the movie

Final Destination Rest In Pieces

so in order for you to get your hands on this tickets
you have to take a horrified photo of yourself

here goes....
This looks as if a gay is gonna rape me hahaaa

Well so continuing this post

Just imagine this scenario:
Will this happen to me?
I get banged down by a car
Die in the arms of my best friend
and the lady in the car is still make-up-ing in the car without regrets
lol thats a wtf story man lol!

I wouldn't want to rest in pieces like Final Destination
as it would be so cruel and sick
to see myself
waiting for disaster to strike on me
and my blood splattering around on others

I'm only 19 for petes sake...
i still have a long life ahead of me
and i know it'll be painful for myself going through that experience (Dying)
and also my loved ones would be crying for me
and i would either end up in Heaven or Hell
and...erm yeah..
lots more things that would be damn saddening

so conclusion is:

last but not least
the 2nd picture of me being horrified:


Gay people i'm not offending you aite?

I have many Gay friends and we're as cool as ever

but i'm not Gay aite? =)

see you at the premiere!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Up Premiere, Digi Unlimited Music, Boys Like Girls, District 9 Premiere


My lappy top is back from the hospital
with the graphics chip burnt up..
had to change a new one
Total Damage: RM400 =(
so anyways this are the past few events i've been
so...starting up
Up Premiere at Pavilion

which i brought together my childhood friend
Elizabeth Chia Me, Adele and Jackie

so anyways on the movie
its a nice family movie
another great movie by Pixar

Its about a man named Carl
who have always dreamnt of adventure
and at the age of 78
a twist of fate happens to him
when he goes through an adventure
with an 8 year old boy

Rating for the movie: 8/10

all i can say its a very nice movie to watch with your family =)
Carl & Russell
Kevins a girl?

haha u'll understand that quote when you watch it =)

2nd event:

Digi Sneak Peak
Digi Sneak Peak was held in Laundry Bar, Curve
where Digi has officially launched its new
rates and plan for Digi Unlimited Music

for as low as RM5...
you can download all the songs you want for a month=)
Terms & Conditions apply
A Special performance by Caprice at the start of the event The Em-cees
this is a total random shot by Jackie
Me &
Jonathan, Liz, Me, Marie
Group 2
My group during the games session
The winners of the game got awesome headphones Group Picture
Everyone got an All American Rejects CD

after Digi Sneak Peak @ Laundry
we headed over to
Sony Centre at the Curve
as the band
Boys Like Girls
were there to promote their new album
Love Drunk

So as bloggers
we were given the privilage to take pictures of them up close

and anyone who prebooked the new cd
was able to get the bands autographs
The Que
Martin Johnson
"My pen is out of ink!?!?"
Paul DiGiovanni
Melody was crazy on this guy lol

i didn't get a nice shot of John Keefe...
sobs =(
last but not least
a picture of me with them =)

and the best part is
I didn't even need to album! hahaaa
most of the other bloggers couldn't get thbuy an eir photos with em xD
jealous leh? hahaaa

last but not least
Premiere of District 9
on the same day
District 9
Ticket counter

District 9 is a movie about aliens
staying on earth
but since they are so
humans and aliens cant coexist in the same place

the government established a place for Aliens only
which is District 9

This movie is about a Man
who is turning into an alien
because of his accidental encounter with some alien fluid

Rating: 7/10

some may find this movie quite boring
but also some will find its nice=)

so anyways thats all for this post

next event up:

Orphan Premiere on Tuesday! =)