Mcdonalds gave me RM150 =D

This is something so unexpected
I recently joined the blogging contest
which involves the

so i created a video and a post on it
heres the link:

but sadly
i didn't win the Iphone
and it was stated that there is only one grand prize

The Iphone was won by
Alex Lam
his video is really good too =)

so anyways continuing this post
I recently read Joshua's blog
and this is one of his post

as he also joined this competition
and he got a letter from McD
and as a token of appreciation
he got 2 coupons which is
A sausage Mcmuffin Coupon
and a McChicken Coupon

as you know..
coupons require a certain purchase before you can redeem the coupon
so i was not really looking toward getting that mail also

then a few days back
This is the exact conversation between me and my mom

Mom: Sam you got a letter from McD
Me: ahh...its nothing wan la...just coupons inside..just throw away
Mom: Oooh for that contest ah?
*Mom opens the letter*
Me: yalar they ony give coupons only...not worth it la that competition
Mom: Its written..Dear Samuel...
As a token of appreciation, we hereby enclosed a RM150 Cash voucher for you and your family...bla bla bla
Me: WTH?????
so yeah...

Mcdonalds aint that kiam siap =)
don't know why but somehow i am pretty happy with the RM150 =D
sorry joshua i dont know what happen to yours =X

The letter from Mcdonalds

The letter close up

RM150 cash voucher

Vouchers in RM10's

15 pieces of it =D

so all i can say..

i'm a happy man for now =)

Mcdonalds here i come!!

*see? who says you dont get extra

when you put more effort to your work?*