Mcdonalds gave me RM150 =D

This is something so unexpected
I recently joined the blogging contest
which involves the

so i created a video and a post on it
heres the link:

but sadly
i didn't win the Iphone
and it was stated that there is only one grand prize

The Iphone was won by
Alex Lam
his video is really good too =)

so anyways continuing this post
I recently read Joshua's blog
and this is one of his post

as he also joined this competition
and he got a letter from McD
and as a token of appreciation
he got 2 coupons which is
A sausage Mcmuffin Coupon
and a McChicken Coupon

as you know..
coupons require a certain purchase before you can redeem the coupon
so i was not really looking toward getting that mail also

then a few days back
This is the exact conversation between me and my mom

Mom: Sam you got a letter from McD
Me: ahh...its nothing wan la...just coupons inside..just throw away
Mom: Oooh for that contest ah?
*Mom opens the letter*
Me: yalar they ony give coupons only...not worth it la that competition
Mom: Its written..Dear Samuel...
As a token of appreciation, we hereby enclosed a RM150 Cash voucher for you and your family...bla bla bla
Me: WTH?????
so yeah...

Mcdonalds aint that kiam siap =)
don't know why but somehow i am pretty happy with the RM150 =D
sorry joshua i dont know what happen to yours =X

The letter from Mcdonalds

The letter close up

RM150 cash voucher

Vouchers in RM10's

15 pieces of it =D

so all i can say..

i'm a happy man for now =)

Mcdonalds here i come!!

*see? who says you dont get extra

when you put more effort to your work?*




Ewin Ee said…
woah congratz! niceeeee
iriene said…
Congrats... RM150 is a good prize with no "fine print clause". You can purchase any item you want. I had just clicked Digi Campus ads on ur blog. Do drop by when u r online, tks!
Josiah & Renae; said…
Wow congrats there!

Just clicked on your MU ads.

Btw, are you from CHC? Went to the one in SG Expo Hall and it was friggin awesome!

Do drop by my blog and help me click on my ads! Hopefully Hyundai ads! =D

God Bless.
Anonymous said…
Wow..u are very lucky..congratz!!!
Samuel C said…
Ewin: thx =)

iriene: hehe thx =) yeah i dropped by adi =)

Lyng: thx a lot =) yeah i'm from CHC KL Malaysia..i was at CHC SG the last asia conference=) was performing there for the campus ministry cheerleading=) yeapz i'll drop by ur blog =) God bless =)

taqi: yeah i feel lucky =) thx a lot =)
Evelyn G. said…
haha, i thought Mc D so kiam siap... Luckily you didnt trow it away lehhh.@@!

So, this is your lesson not to trust what other people get.
HAHAHAHA why are there such a big different between yours and the guy?
pity him!
I'm so jealous with your "soft-bone" you can bend your body
I'm dancer too,but I couldn't make it!
Anonymous said…
wow rm150!?
i think i got rm100 vouchers + 2 coupons.. =D
Unknown said…
how i wished i got the letter of yours. i didn't know that i need to make a purchase before i can redeem. it wasn't stated on the card. i still have 1 more to go
Samuel C said…
Yennie: yeah i know =) haha...i thought i'll get the same a josh lol

MIA: lol i also have no idea...guess McD chooses the prizes for people.. haha too much arching of the body also can hurt the back soemtimes hahaaa =)

kenwooi: congrats to you too! =)

Baby: are like that la...especially McD ones...anyways look at the bright least you got something =)
Skinny R said…
it gave me only rm 100

Unknown said…
Seraph: i prefer your rm150 leh
a.c.e. said…
yayy ! thanks for the Rm20 commission :P since i helped you do the video. ngek ngek ngek :D
Samuel C said…
Richard: i think they really choose the winners of the money lol

baby: haha of course..thats for sure hahaaa

audrey: time i wont give then =P
Steven said…
Sam, i suddenly feel very hungry lah.. hahahaha