It ends

Candice i'm sorry i made it hard for you
I guess all my efforts so far has turn to waste
as you have already made up your mind
and would not want to talk to me again

eventhough you read my post and letter
you still felt it was childish and immatured
but the truth is..
I wrote the previous post on my blog
as it was the feelings in my heart
as i was scared the letter would not reach your hands
and it wasn't to get sympathy and attention from others

I guess i was desperate for you back here
and if it did struck your mind as Childish and Immatured
i'm sorry i did so

Since you wont let me in anymore
i would just want to request one last thing
can you please put the effort to just be as close
as we were before we even were together?
as we were so close when we weren't even in a relationship

I have already lost you as a Girlfriend
i wouldn't want to lose you as a friend too

and all i can say now is
I hope you find the happyness and freedom you wanted
and i'll always be here for you

and promise me one thing
please take care of yourself...
dont die before i do